What Is Benedict Thinking On The Cover Of 'EW'?

The return of the much loved and never-quite-long-enough thriller series Sherlock has heralded a resurgence in the rabid fandom of that most infamous fanbase, the mighty Cumberbitches. And with so many Cumberbatch projects, from Sherlock to 12 Years A Slave to The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, it should come as no shock to the general public that Benedict Cumberbatch's face is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, in his traditional Sherlock gear.

But, just like Sherlock, Benedict's face in the photo is quizzical, it speaks to the mysteries in life, and event cocktails, and last minute travel plans. What on earth is he thinking? Benedict Cumberbatch as a man is open and warm and lovely, but the half step between the man and his character going on in this photo is mystifying and ever so enticing.

I mean, besides the fact that I pretty much always want to know what Benedict Cumberbatch is thinking, this photo in particular makes me wonder. What lies behind those icy blues, Benedict, tell us all your secrets, please. So here is the list of things he might very possibly be thinking. Or maybe not, we'll never know. Look at him, and consider for yourselves.

  • "All I want in life is a glass of red wine, a sunset, and a beautiful and fiercely intellectual member of Parliament with a fetish for dressing like a sexy librarian and quoting Yeats in bed."
  • "I am soooo... thirsty."
  • "You are extremely attractive but I find the poppy seed stuck between your front teeth very distracting."
  • "I can't quite make out what you're saying, but I refuse to comment on it or ask you to speak more clearly."
  • "I am currently farting but you have nooooo idea I'm doing it."
  • "Hello... wherever you are.. .are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar?"
  • "I asked you for a cup of tea an hour ago and I'm confused by why it hasn't arrived yet."

Image: EW