The College Majors Most Likely To Have You Living At Home Longest Might Surprise You

When college grads move back in with their parents, the assumption is that it's a temporary situation just until someone gets back on their feet — but that isn't always the case. So what are the college majors most likely to have you living at home for the long term? Well, it won't surprise you that the top ones according to a study by TIME Labs are humanities-related. But plenty of STEM fields, surprisingly, don't do a whole lot better.

Now, the good news in all of this is that no matter what your major is, by the time you finish out your 20s, most people are no longer living with their parents. Although some 45 percent of college grads are living at home at age 22, only 25 percent are living at home at age 25, and by 29, that number is down to only 12 percent overall.

But it seems that if you want to cut down on your risk of still living at home when you're 29, there are some majors you might want to think carefully about — or at least make sure you have a plan to find a job once you graduate. Because even though there's nothing wrong with needing to move back home, speaking as someone who did it, I feel like there does come a point where you feel the need to move on with your life outside the house you grew up in. And for a lot of people, that point probably comes before the end of your 20s.

So which college majors are the most likely to become long-term tenants in their family home? Well, here are the top seven according to TIME Labs. Head on over to Vocativ to see a handy infographic with more results.

7. Physical Sciences


Although the sciences are usually seen as safe career choice, it seems that physical science graduates are still among some of the most likely to still live with their parents long term after graduation — 13 percent are still at home at age 29.

6. Computer and Information Sciences

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Everyone needs computer experts in this day and age, but that doesn't mean all computer science graduates can afford to live on their own. 13 percent are sill living with their parents at 29.

5. Architecture

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You'd think building houses would be a good career, and maybe it is, but by age 29, 14 percent of architects haven't managed to procure a house of their own.

4. Psychology

Psychology is a tricky major in that it often requires a lot more education in order to really advance in the field — which could help explain why 15 percent of psychology graduates still live at home at age 29. All those student loans can really kill you.

3. Philosophy and Religious Studies

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As someone who majored in religious studies, I take its place on the list kind of personally — though I suppose I did know it was impractical when I picked it. 15 percent of Philosophy and Religious Studies majors live at home at age 29.

2. Liberal Arts and Humanities

Everyone loves to talk about how impractical the humanities are, and it seem they have a point. If you majored in Humanities, there's a 15 percent chance you're living at home at age 29.

1. History

They say those who forget history are doomed to repeated, but it seems that 16 percent of those who study it are doomed to still live with their parents at age 29. But hey, they other 84 percent seem to be doing okay, so history grads, you'll probably still be fine.

Image: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr; Wikipedia Commons (2)