You Need Some Holiday Armadillo This Season

by Mary Grace Garis

You better not pout, you better not cry, you better not shout, I'm telling you why: the Holiday Armadillo is coming to town. That's right, if you're a fan of Friends' Christmas episodes (they're not as perfect as Thanksgiving episodes, but they're the next best thing), you'll no doubt be marathoning "The One With The Holiday Armadillo" in due time. And it's a glorious thing, because I think we could all do better with a little Holiday Armadillo this season.

Wait a minute and allow me to recap the legacy of the Holiday Armadillo for the uninformed. Long before Seth Cohen coined Chrismukkah into the pop culture lexicon, Ross Gellar was trying to bring Hanukkah into his son's life with the Holiday Armadillo. Friends fans will note that this wasn't a premeditated thing; Ross tried to teach Ben about Hanukkah organically, and, upon hearing there'd be no Santa, Ben promptly freaked out. And, when the costume shop was all out of Santa suits, the Holiday Armadillo (Santa's part Jewish friend) was born. Of course wackiness ensued, because it's Friends and Chandler did manage to find a Santa costume. Way to go, Chandler.

Regardless of what you celebrate, though, I think the Holiday Armadillo is a welcome addition to your seasonal traditions. And, if you remain unconvinced, here are 11 reasons for the Holiday Armadillo to join your festivities.

1. Because Santa Gets All Of The Attention

Listen, I know you'd be more apprehensive about crawling into an armadillo's lap, but let's face facts: Santa is basic.

2. Because Not All Of Your Friends Celebrate Christmas

And I always felt bad loading up on Christmas movies and cookies galore while my Jewish friends were trying to find a popular Hanukkah song that wasn't written by Adam Sandler.

3. Because You May Not Celebrate Christmas

And you may need to explain to other people how to play with a dreidel.

4. Because It's Always Great To Adopt A New Tradition

I mean, you could do the seven fishes thing again, or you could chill with everyone's favorite Texas-and-Mexico inhabitant.

5. Because It's A Fun Way To Teach People About Different Religions

Just ask Ben: listening to your boring dad talk about menorahs is way less fun than listening to a cool giant armadillo talk about menorahs.

6. Because Then You Can Have Superman Help Tell The Story Of Hanukkah

Of course, the best part is when Superman flew all the Jewish people out of Egypt.

7. Because It'll Be A Big Hit At Parties

Hey, if your office Christmas party has been feeling a little stale the past few years, no doubt a Holiday Armadillo would kick it up a notch.

8. Because Who Doesn't Love Armadillos?

Seriously, what kind of monster is anti-armadillo?

9. Because It'll Out You As The Ultimate Friends Fanatic

It's a really tough competition! Everyone thinks they're Friends' number one fan, but between cooking Rachel's trifle for Thanksgiving and bringing out the Holiday Armadillo, you'll definitely prove yourself as a hardcore fan.

10. Because... More Presents

I'm assuming like eight days of presents, and then the armadillo goes HAM on Christmas.

11. Because It's A Really Cute Idea

I think if you try to bring the Holiday Armadillo into your season in a not-last-minute way, you could definitely have a little fun. 'Tis the season to celebrate latkes, family, and Friends.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (11)