Ashley Graham Lands "25 Most Influential People In Retail" List According to 'Business Insider'

This woman is taking the fashion world by storm. Ashley Graham made Business Insider’s list of the 25 most influential people in retail because she’s changing the way women are depicted in magazines and on the runways, along with changing the way they shop. She’s led a TED talk about eliminating the term "plus size" and been open about loving her body, wearing shapewear, and more. She told People, “I think young girls need to have role models who are curvy, who are talking about their cellulite, who are talking about their backsides, because a lot of people are not doing that. They're hiding behind retouching. I mean, I wear Spanx, but it's not something [other people] are very open about. I just really want to be open.”

She took all of her body positivity and fashion know-how and partnered with Addition Elle to launch the Ashley Graham Lingerie line. She models for the brand, showing women that they can embrace their bodies in the same way that she does. The line began carrying lingerie, but has since branched out to include athleticwear and more, changing the way women women shop for the better. Check out a few pieces that are available to shop at Addition Elle now, and get ready for even more from Graham because she’s got plenty more great body positive strides to make in the fashion industry, I’m sure.

1. Polka Dot Party Dress

Noir Sleeveless Shiny Fit and Flare Dress, $140, Addition Elle

This will make a great NYE dress, don't you think?

2. Classy LBD

Long Sleeve Burnout Velour Dress, $140, Addition Elle

How elegant is this number? I just love it.

3. Metallic Tee

Metallic Short Sleeve Top, $50, Addition Elle

This metallic tee has all of the festive feels.

4. Fitted Pants

Slim Twill Pant, $75, Addition Elle

Because there's nothing better than a pair of pants that fit just right.

5. Sexy Lingerie

Plunge Bra, $60; High Cut Panty, $20; Addition Elle

Because every woman deserves some sexy lingerie.

6. Supportive Sports Bra

Nola padded Sports Bra, $55, Addition Elle

For all of those times when you need a little extra support.

7. Adorable Ankle Boots

Jodi Knit Ankle Bootie, $85, Addition Elle

You need a great pair of shoes to top off a great outfit, after all.

Addition Elle has a little bit of everything because when it comes to retail, Graham knows what she's doing. She's helping all of us be able to work it just as good as she does.


Keep slaying, Graham, so the rest of us can, too.

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