Professional Makeup Artist Jessica Ruiz Is Living Her Dream Despite Her Disability — VIDEOS

It's all too common that we label things as "impossible" (whether they actually are or not), but according to People, Jessica Ruiz, despite her disability, is a professional makeup artist and uses her mouth to apply makeup. If this doesn't prove literally all dreams can become reality if you set your mind to them, I don't know what does.

Jessica Ruiz was born with anthrogryposis, a congenital birth defect affecting the joints so that use of arms and hands is limited to none, but her dream was to become a makeup artist, so instead of giving up, she just had to get creative and find another way to do it. The 26-year-old taught herself how to apply cosmetics using her mouth (which is seriously impressive, because even using my hands, applying eye makeup can be tricky for me), and her method of application has landed her a growing Instagram following.

Ruiz's interest in makeup began because of her disability. "I really had to bring positivity to the situation. I actually started wearing makeup because I was being picked on. You know, being in a physically disabled school, not a lot of kids, not anybody that I saw, was wearing [makeup] and living a 'normal' life," she said.

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After perfecting her technique, Ruiz applied to several cosmetology schools, only to be rejected due to her disability. But again, she didn't give up, she just paved her own path, opening her own practice.

At Dreamy Eyes Artistry, she sees three to four clients a week, and is building a team of makeup artists to assist her, as well as developing her own cosmetics and brush line.

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Ruiz is living proof that nothing is impossible — sometimes, you just have to get creative. "Never let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams. If you have a vision then you need to make it a reality, because only you're capable of doing it," she said.

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