Lily Is The Huntress In 'The Vampire Diaries' Flash Forward, But Is She Really As Evil As She Seems?

There are a lot of shocking revelations that have come out of all these Vampire Diaries three-year flash forward scenes throughout the season thus far: Bonnie and Enzo will eventually get together; Caroline and Alaric will become engaged; and then, of course, there's a mystery huntress that will be chasing after Damon and Stefan for unknown reasons. Pretty crazy stuff, right? Even by by Mystic Falls standards. But now, thanks to Thursday night's episode "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me," we now have yet another interesting piece to add to this ever-intriguing puzzle. Evidently, Lily is the mystery vampire hunter who has been attacking everyone on TVD . (And we thought the Salvatore family drama was bad before all of this.)

Lily has never exactly been in the running to win any Mother of the Year awards, but attempting to kill your children with a crossbow is taking terrible parenting one step too far. As of now, we have no idea what happens between the present day and now that will make want to target Stefan and Damon, but I think it's safe to say that their plans to thwart Julian won't exactly go as originally planned. In fact, I'm willing to bet that Lily's bloodlust could have at least a little something to do with her future killing vendetta.

As I'm sure most of you can probably recall, Lily is a former ripper, much like Stefan, which means she tends to go a little overboard when she has too much human blood. Perhaps somehow the Phoenix Stone ends up altering her ripper bloodlust so that she craves vampire blood instead of human blood? Or maybe she gets sucked into the Phoenix Stone and seriously messes up her mind to the point of wanting to kill her own sons. (Remember when Julian recalled how the stone made him kill Lily every single day he was trapped in there?) Then again, maybe this is all just one big red herring and Lily is not as evil as she's appearing. Right now, anything is possible at this point with these characters.

However, any progress that's been made between Lily and her sons has now been officially ruined. Damon looked equal parts heartbroken and surprised to see Lily standing before him in Dallas — the ring leader of a trap that was meant for Stefan. We may not know what her motives are yet, but one thing's fore sure… Mama Salvatore's storyline just got a whole lot more interesting.

Update: Just kidding! Apparently Lily's presence in the flash forward was just a hallucination Damon had thanks to werewolf venom. So I guess we're right back to where we started. Gotta love this show!

Image: Annette Brown/The CW