Reformation Debuts Kate Moss-Inspired Collection With 4th and Bleeker & You Need It, Stat — PHOTOS

Holiday season is well underway, which means parties, parties, parties. But what do you wear to these festivities? Luckily for everyone, the Reformation and 4th and Bleeker collaboration have basically chosen for us with their new Kate Moss-inspired collection. That's right, an array of party dresses inspired by the Queen Bee of supermodels herself. And yes, they are as good as they sound.

If you're not familiar with Reformation, it's a fashion brand that focuses on sustainability. Most Reformation pieces are designed and manufactured in their own factories located in downtown Los Angeles. Using sustainable fabrics and vintage garments, they create some of the trendiest pieces with minimal harm on the environment. Now that's some shopping you can feel good about! Reformation uses renewable energy and 100% recycled packaging for each order that's shipped. If you ever needed a reason to shop, this one's a good one.

Reformation worked with founder of 4th and Bleeker Alexandra Spencer to create this ultra-bad-girl-chic collection of dresses. Got your work holiday party to attend? They've got you covered. Or hosting your own celebration? Yep, there's a look for you here. This collection features 10 styles, ranging from $78-$568, according to WhoWhatWear.

Brb, I am dying over the super deep vs, use of satin, glitter, and fun patterns. If you're looking to turn heads this holiday season, you'll certainly do so with this super feminine collection. Check out some of our favorite pieces!

1. Did I Mention Cleavage?

Pollock Dress, $278,

OK, I'm sorry, but this may be the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. Effortlessly sexy and with these gorgeous drapes, it'll be a guaranteed hit.

2. This Adorable Mini

Bourbon Dress, $118,

With a cute little faux fur jacket like that? Mhm.

3. The Blush Pink

Bourbon Dress, $118,

This is the same dress as above, but how beautiful is this color? #RoseQuartz

4. This Printed Beauty

Pollock Dress, $278,

This version of the dangerously deep v has such a fun pattern.

5. This Elevated Slip

Daquiri Dress, $118,

This slip dress gets an extra detail with the bow straps.

6. The Olive

Martini Dress, $148,

That draping? I'm dying.

Hello 911, is that you? I'm calling for a fashion emergency. Reformation and 4th and Bleeker just slayed, and I can't quite get up. Please, oh please, can I get one (or all) of these?

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Images: Reformation