Cami Is In Danger On 'The Originals'

Things went from bad to worse for Cami on The Originals Thursday night after Klaus angered Aurora during their dramatic Thanksgiving dinner. Klaus and Elijah invited Lucien, Aurora and Tristan over to their home for a Thanksgiving dinner/interrogation in "Out of the Easy," which meant Cami was left alone in Lucien's apartment. Lucien, you'll recall, is keeping Cami prisoner until the vervain runs out of her system and he can compel her to forget that he used her to get the medallion from her family's stash of magical objects. He leaves Cami with a vampire babysitter while he goes to dine with the Mikaelson brothers. Long story short: after an eventful dinner, Aurora took Cami to spite Klaus, and the last we saw her, Cami was bleeding from the neck, stuffed in the trunk of Aurora's car. So, is Cami dead on The Originals ?

As much as Aurora probably wants to kill Cami — she heard the name Cami enough times over dinner to know that Cami means something to Klaus — she knows Cami is more valuable to her alive than dead. And she'll need that extra bargaining chip if she wants to get her brother back in one piece.

Allow me to explain. Last week, Aurora took Rebekah's daggered body from Tristan and hid it somewhere, away from both Klaus and her brother. When Thanksgiving dinner became an interrogation, Aurora revealed that she had Rebekah's body dropped at the bottom of the ocean. But, here's the catch: she doesn't know where. The exact coordinates were delivered to her in two envelopes — one for each Aurora and Tristan. Each sibling only knows one half of the coordinates of Rebekah's body, ensuring that Klaus and Elijah would not kill either of them. Or so they thought. Desperate to get Rebekah back from Aurora's clutches, Klaus snapped Tristan's neck at the dinner table, effectively kidnapping him, and sent Aurora off to rescue Rebekah, whether she knows her location or not.

Unfortunately for Klaus, he took his time getting Lucien to take him to Cami. By the time Klaus arrived at Lucien's apartment, Cami, who was able to overpower her vampire bodyguard, had been taken by Aurora. As if being kidnapped by a psychotic vampire wasn't bad enough, Cami has now been kidnapped by another. Even worse — Klaus has no idea Aurora has Cami, so no one is looking for her. As one of the last humans alive on The Originals, things aren't looking good for Cami.

Images: The CW; fyauraus/tumblr