Everything We Know About 'Doctor Who' Season 10

It's been quite the season on Doctor Who, hasn't it? From all of the deliciously well-wrought two-part episodes, to scene-stealing guest appearances from Maisie Williams and Michelle Gomez, to a certain heartbreaking, heart-wrenching death, Doctor Who Season 9 has certainly been one for the ages (and that's not even mentioning the Doctor's new sonic specs, or his penchant for playing the electric guitar alone in the TARDIS). Taken together, though, the fantasticness of Season 9 begs a larger question: When will Doctor Who return for Season 10?

No official release date has been set yet, but according to Digital Spy, it looks like shooting has been pushed back a smidge (it's slated to begin in Spring 2016) — so people are speculating that the release may be similarly delayed. In recent years, we've typically gotten a premiere in August or September, but with the later shooting schedule, it's possible that Season 10 might not come until closer to the end of the year — still, we can cross our fingers for an earlier release date, because a lot can happen between now and then!

So, what's next for the show when it returns in autumn/winter of 2016? Well, since production hasn't even started, we don't know a whole lot about the upcoming season — that said, we do know that longtime showrunner Steven Moffat will continue to helm the show for at least the next 13 episodes, and Peter Capaldi will stay on as the Doctor. (As Moffat rather succinctly told Variety, "Peter Capaldi is going nowhere." Thank goodness.)

There's also the fun little tidbit that the Academy Award-winning Peter Jackson will be directing an episode — oh, and in case you were wondering, the Doctor's next companion will most likely be female. After all, Moffat noted in an interview with Radio Times regarding casting, he was "beginning to have an idea of the kind of person, specific ideas but not a specific actress" — though it's worth noting that when he was asked later if there was a possibility of a male companion, he said, "We’re definitely looking for a different dynamic."

Doctor Who Season 10 (and its latest companion) are still a ways away, but at least there's the Christmas special to look forward to on Dec. 25 — the 90-minute special will feature River Song as the Doctor's companion, which is quite a treat since she effectively died for the second (and seemingly final time) during Matt Smith's tenure back in "The Name of the Doctor." Yep, River is officially back, and she's every bit as fabulously dressed as you might expect.

Image: BBC Worldwide Limited