Alexa Chung Banishes "Winter Face" With Smoky Eyes, Bright Lips — VIDEO

With the cold weather looming, makeup styles can and should change! It's the perfect time to swap out a signature look for something much different, like a deep or bold lip, which can wake up and brighten sallow skin. Alexa Chung's winter makeup look is markedly different than her usual cat eye flick, the market of which she has cornered, and nude lip. In this tutorial, you, too can banish that dull and blah "winter face," thanks to the colors used here.

Chung notes that her skin looks "bad" in the winter and that she looks "horrible" on this particular day. She wants to do something, anything to give her face some oomph and glow. I must note that this "It" girl can never look bad, since she's freaking gorgeous and she is eyeliner flick goals all day, every day.

This instructional video, done by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, is amazing for two reasons. First, Eldridge transforms Chung into a bolder-lipped, smoky-eyed goddess. That's totally not what we're used to with Chung, but it's a lovely, winter-appropriate change. Second, the ladies banter back and forth playfully; their easy chemistry and fondness for one another is apparent and adorable.

The video is 16 minutes, so it takes some time to get through it. Check out these screen grabs first to see if it's look you want to emulate.

Here's Chung sans makeup and stunning with her fresh face. She and Eldridge dub this look a "winter face," since it's lacking a glow.

Building that glow and evening out that tone!

The dewy sheen is bringing her skin back to life and wiping out blah "winter face."

It's all about highlighter and blush when combating the winter blues, which affect your skin! Skin can get dry, red, and totally dulled down.

Whoa! Chung's smoky eye is being built one product at a time.

The eyes have it.

The brows are also a key element of this look. Chung has grown hers out substantially and they look amaze.

She is so gorgeous. Did someone say something about having a "meh" winter face or something like that?

Chung prefers a nude lip but she was game for bold and red... at first. She didn't love the end result, since she felt "full on" and like this look would be better for a big event. I agree with her, as someone who doesn't do bright, deep lip colors in favor of nude, soft, and glossy hues.

Chung and Eldridge compromised by blotting and buffing the bright berry lip with balm, thereby softening the look.

This lip look? Chung loved it, understandably so! It is way more muted but it still brightens her face.

The end! Lovely as always, all the while stepping away her signatures.

Watch the video in full below.

Lisa Eldridge on YouTube

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