Alexa Chung Does A New Cat Eye On 'ELLE UK' Cover

It's always fun when a fashion "It" girl with a signature style move offers a spin on her statement look. Rather than ditch it or try something totally new, a little bit of editing of a familiar look or a twist on said look can make all the difference. Alexa Chung covers ELLE UK for the mag's December 2015 issue and she does so with an update of her usual cat eye flick.

Chung is revered for her effortless street style but she is truly celebrated for her mastery of a difficult eyeliner move. I bow down to her for ability to achieve an effortless flick and for how amazing she looks when she goes makeup-free. It took me a minute to appreciate Alexa Chung's style, but now, I totally get, happily so.

But her ELLE UK cover look is different since the lower lash line is heavily rimmed with thick, black eyeliner. There's a smoothly buffed outer flick, thanks to a soft, bronzy shadow on her lids. This is a more romantic take on staple makeup look for Chung and for many women who love the feline-inspired eye.

Of course her beadhead is as perfect as ever. That'll never change. She also looks adorbs in her blue, floral print frock.

Don't you love how the eyeliner is severe along the lower lash and then softer at the edges? It's as though the bronzed outer corners cast a shadow.

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chung usually flicks so flawlessly.

If you want to rock a romantic, floral frock through the holidays a la Alexa Chung for ELLE UK, here are some suggestions.

This dress boasts a similar cut and look, thanks to the long sleeves and blooms. ($16,

This adorbs dress is also of the same spirit as Chung's and the long sleeves are very winter-friendly. ($28,

This cute dress has cap sleeves, but it's got such a gorgeous print that you can't help but love it. Add a cardi and some opaque back tights and ta-da. It's cool weather appropriate with a touch of mod styling. ($30,

It might take some practice to copy Chung's softly buffed, shadow-driven flick from her ELLE UK cover. But why not try it this holiday season... with any of the above dresses, of course.

Images: ELLE UK (1); Courtesy of Forever 21 (3)