Vashi Generates Elaborate Proposal Ideas, For The Lazy Future-Spouse In You

A new website called Vashi generates proposal ideas for you and your partner on the day you finally ask them to marry you. Marriage proposals (and their sexually frustrated little sister, promposals) have been demanding more and more elaborate executions from partners wanting to pop the question, thanks to dancing flashmobs, viral videos, and the millennial version of a prestigious New York Times engagement announcement: Buzzfeed writeups of your most excellently pulled off Harry Potter-themed proposal.

The pressure to sweep your would-be spouse off their feet when asking them to marry you is real, especially if you're lucky enough to snag one of those hopeful romantic types. (It should be noted that some folks find flash mobs horrifying and the idea of a big public proposal gives them boob sweat. Just propose to this person after making them breakfast in bed on lazy Sunday morning. Trust.)

So what if you're hopelessly uncreative, haven't been listening to your partner's hopes and dreams for the last however many years you've been together, or are just plain lazy? Well, for at least two of those three things, it could be worth it to seek out some couples' counseling, but also you could just head over to Vashi.

The website states:

"The moment when you propose should astonish, outstand and amaze your partner. From unexpected flash mobs to romantic picnics, tailor your magic moment to your beloved."

A mere four-question quiz is all that stands between you and the practically perfect in every way proposal of your partner's dreams. All you have to do is tell Vashi: 1) if they are an introvert or an extrovert, 2) their favorite activity, 3) if they prefer being at home or adventurous travel, and 4) if you're on a big or tiny budget.

I plugged in the answers for an imaginary partner I invented (OK, it was for the object of my last devastating breakup, because I am a masochist) and here's the tailor-made proposal Vashi suggested for me to give:

Actually, that's pretty sweet. And here was the proposal I got after I filled in answers for myself:

This one sounds like a recipe to land me in the ER with debilitating pinched nerves from how hard I was cringing during the entire ordeal.

So it's sort of hit or miss. You can try your hand here. (Or just pass it along to someone you want to propose to you as a *helpful hint*.)

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