What Your Fav 'Friend' Says About Your Holiday

Aaaaaah, the holidays are upon us, and your list is totally barren after the Friends full series DVD collection you got two Black Fridays ago. What's a girl with a rabid Friends obsession to do? Well, we all know that your favorite Friends character can say a lot about you. But did you know that your favorite Friends character can also say a lot about your holiday? Or, to be more specific, your Christmas list?

Whether you're a Rachel or a Monica (or, like me, a gentle Phoebe), your Friends personality type should help determine what you want (or what you should want) for Christmas this year. You could be a Friends fan or your friends could be Friends fans, but, either way, I decided to look deep into each character and guess what they'd want this year for Christmas... and subsequently, what you would want if you're soulmates with Chandler, or Joey, or Ross.

But I don't want to hold you up, because I know you have shopping to do. Here is what I'm thinking you'll want for Christmas (or Hanukkah, I don't know your life or what kind of holiday fun you're having) based on your favorite Friends character.

Rachel Green

Ooooh, girl. If you're a Rachel, it's fair to say that you're fashion-forward and a bit high maintenance... but your closest friends find that all very endearing. I hate to say it, but they probably won't shell out $400 for that new Marc Jacobs bag, but they'll give you a sweet collection of department store gift cards that'll decorate the inside of your wallet. You know, for up until December 26, when you go HAM at the mall.

Monica Geller

You beautiful, meticulous creature. Cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies, and cleaning supplies are what's on your list. People will ultimately get you baking supplies instead because it means that they'll get some top tier pastries in the new year. Your friends are vultures around the holidays, I have to say...

Chandler Bing

People go to you for sarcastic remarks, so you've probably gotten any and every book by your favorite comedienne. Remember that one year when you got six copies of Bossypants from a melange of family and friends? And they year you got three copies of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)? You anticipate an influx of Why Not Me? this year, but you're resigned in it.

Joey Tribbiani

I don't know, it feels kind of weird that people can't just gift you a bunch of Christmas hams. That's what you really want under the tree. If not that, though, you'd take a chick or a duck (though really, both would be preferred).

Phoebe Buffay

OK, you would appreciate some new strings for your acoustic guitar, because they keep mysteriously breaking. You'd like your estranged dad to return your phone calls. Other than that, all you need is peace, love, and something green.

Ross Geller

NEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD. If Ross if your favorite Friends character, I'm guessing that you just want tickets to the new Star Wars and, oh, just about every piece of merchandise that goes along with it (which is understandable).

There you go, kids! Hopefully, the Holiday Armadillo will be really good to you this year.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (6)