Ali Fedotowsky Has Advice For 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins & The Former 'Bachelorette' Knows What She's Talking About

There's nothing more important for a new Bachelor than getting the approval/advice of those who used to be in his shoes. After all, the Bachelor/Bachelorette pool is only 30 people deep and it must be nice to get some words of wisdom from those who came before you. Fortunately, former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has advice for current Bachelor Ben Higgins, and I think he'd do well to take her words to heart so he can enjoy the, well, journey of his season.

Bustle interviewed Fedotowsky at a recent event for Curve fragrances’ new men's cologne and when asked what she thought of the Season 20 Bachelor star, she had nothing but kind words of guidance. "My first advice would be get some Curve and smell good," she says with a laugh. "Also, to not take everything too seriously," she continues. "Honestly, I almost cried my entire season because I was so serious about everything, and if I wasn't really into a guy I was so upset I had to go on a date and, like, I didn't enjoy it at all."

These days Fedotowsky is a far cry from her tearful season, happily engaged to her longtime beau Kevin Manno. She also shared some words of wisdom about what our Bachelor can expect after the final rose, "After, if the girl he ends up with isn't the one don't, worry about it," she cautions Higgins. "It's OK. Every single person that's ever gone on the show, whether they're married or they split up, will tell you they didn't fall in love on the show — they fell in love after. You get engaged to a stranger, so you can't take it too seriously after the show. You have to know it's going to work if it's right, and it's not if it's not."

Fedotowsky ended Season 6 engaged to Roberto Martinez, and, though she tried to make it work for about a year, ultimately she knew he wasn't right for her and the couple chose to end their engagement in 2011. Though her reality TV romance didn't work out, she ended up finding her true love (albeit off TV), and is happier than ever.

So, Ben Higgins, enjoy the ride, don't stress, and know one day you'll find love — even if it's not on Season 20.