How To Find More Time In The Day With 7 Easy Tips

One of the things that people wish for the most is to have more time in the day. Most people are always searching for extra time for work, exercise, and hobbies. Believe it or not, there are indeed ways to get more time out of your day, you just have to know how to go about it.

When it comes to time, it often seems that it's gone faster than you can blink: You never got to visit that friend of yours, or you feel you are rushing to meet the deadline for that project you have at work. Instead of stressing out about how little time you feel you have, try to look at the positive side of things by working smarter, not harder. By identifying when you are most productive and calculating how much time you are spending on each task, you will be more aware of how long you spend on certain activities, and be more conscious of your time instead of searching through social media. Below are a few tips on how to achieve more time throughout the day. It's time to buckle down and get sh*t done.

1. Identify When You Are Most Productive


There is a part of the day when you feel most alert and focused. For myself, I feel most productive early in the morning (depending on how many Jessica Jones' episodes I watched the night before). Even though I shouldn't, I like to start the day by immediately jumping into work, so at night I can have time for myself. According to Fast Company, Daniel Gold, a productivity specialist and author of Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Capturing Everything and Getting Things Done, said to think back when you were in school.

When did you study? Did you mind morning classes? A lot of these little things can help you identify when you are most productive. If that doesn't work, just try to be mindful when you are focusing on a task. If you were able to complete a task without any interruptions around the afternoon, then that's great. Journal it and you might even surprise yourself with the results.

2. Create A To-Do List The Night Before

It can be tough to go to bed when you have a million and one things going on inside your head. Just to save time during the morning, it might be best to write a list of things you need to do the night before. I love to do this because it frees up my mind from all the noise. It also allows me to have an idea of what my tomorrow will look like so I won't be wasting time trying to remember what I needed to do next.

3. Avoid Interruptions


Even the slightest distraction can alter the time it does to complete your task by a lot. Whether it's your email, social media accounts, or everyday life, you have to learn how to turn off the noise to focus solely on the task at hand. This might mean using apps to block any notifications that might come your way, or only having one tab open at a time in your browser window. Easier said than done, but it can be done — I promise. According to Financial Times, a study conducted by Stoney Brooks, a computing professor of Middle Tennessee State University found that, “Personal social media usage leads to negative effects, both on efficiency and well-being.”

4. Keep Track Of Your Hours


By keeping track of your hours, you are getting a better understanding of where all of your time is going. When you are working on a project that you thought only took 30 minutes but actually took an hour, it will give you an idea of how to manage your time better throughout the day. Sometimes, I use the app 30/30. In increments, it allows you to time out your tasks and name them. Once that time has been met (ex. 15 minutes researching for a paper), an alarm will go off. It's basically your own personal trainer for your life.

5. Use Your Wait Time Accordingly


Whether you are waiting at the doctor or commuting to work, use your waited time accordingly. Instead of reading a magazine or catching up on Instagram (guilty!), take the time to catch up on work or emails. The more you utilize your time correctly, the more free time you will have at the end of the day. More work completed = less stress.

6. Get Up Earlier


This might be hard for some, but sometimes the best way to get more out of your day is by just getting up earlier. Try and go to bed early, get your seven to eight hours of sleep, and then wake up early, too. By doing this, you are allowing personal time for yourself, which can start your day on the right track. For instance, if you plan on waking up earlier to work out, you will feel more focused at work and complete more tasks at hand.

7. Learn To Say No


One of the best ways to get more time out of your day is by simply saying no. Don't feel obligated to say yes to every task. If you do, you will only be focusing on the next task you need to complete instead of the whole picture. Be honest with yourself and your coworkers. They would rather you be sincere about your workload than not be 100 percent committed to helping them. This will also prevent you from burning out, which is another way to lose time in the day.

While it might never seem we have enough hours in the day, there are ways to make it feel like you have completely utilized your time in the best way possible. Hey, if Beyonce can do it, so can you.

Images: Giphy (7); Pexels