‘90s Actors You Didn’t Know Were In Cheesy Hallmark Movies

It’s sad sometimes to think of my favorite ‘90s actors, tucked away into that magical decade that ended almost sixteen years ago. The only place I can see them now is on the covers of DVD re-releases and in the folded up pages of Teen Beat in the attic of my mother’s house. Otherwise, they are relatively lost to me. That is, except for those stars that went on to star in Hallmark originals, those beautifully predictable and cheesy movies that are made-for-TV and sometimes star actors we haven’t seen in years. Because there are a ton of ‘90s actors who are in Hallmark movies. You just have to do a little digging.

Lucky for you, I’ve done the digging already. Here is an extensive list of your favorite ‘90s actors and what movies you can find them in these days. Most of these films are Christmas movies, which means you might have turned on your television recently and been struck dumb by one of the actors whose poster you used to kiss every night before bed right there on your TV screen. Or, you could just find a way to stream these movies online in the meantime, and enjoy seeing your ‘90s favorites all over again.

Tiffani Thiessen


The former Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell plays Chelsea in Northpole, a film about a protective mom whose son tries to get her to see the magic of the Christmas season. The film is about the town of North Pole and how it is in trouble after becoming a booming metropolis. Because the townspeople don’t have the time to spend it together, Christmas is at stake. Cue some overly-obvious allusion to our modern world, guys, and get ready for the cheese.

Lacey Chabert

In A Royal Christmas, the former Party of Five star plays Emily Taylor, the love interest of the prince of Cordinia whose mother has other plans for her son that don’t include him marrying a humble seamstress. Sorry, Claudia.

Kellie Martin


Everyone’s favorite Thatcher on Life Goes On, Martin plays Kathy Howard, a widow who is trying to avoid Christmas and the memories of her husband that the holiday brings in The Christmas Ornament. Enter a new man into her life, and she might just find the pep in her step that she’s been missing. Oh, and plenty of holiday cheer.

Billy Ray Cyrus


Don’t tell his heart, his achey breaky heart, that Cyrus would play Daniel Burton in Christmas in Canaan, the father of a boy who is involved in an inter-racial scuff up at school. And, of course, his character is able to come up with an ingenious way to bring the two boys together.

Haylie Duff


She may have had her stint on 7th Heaven in the ‘90s, but these days Duff is making it big with made-for-TV movies, including Love Finds a Home. In it she plays Annie, a pregnant doctor who tries to help her friend with fertility problems, and—SPOILER ALERT—they both end up pregnant.

Tori Spelling


Get ready for the 90210 stars to show up in a major way. Starting with Spelling who plays Carol Cartman in A Carol Christmas, a movie about an ego-maniacal talk show host who puts an end to everyone’s festivities in her television studio. Talk about a modern day Grinch.

Luke Perry


And then there’s Perry who plays Matt Austin in A Gunfighter’s Pledge, a man whose wife and son were murdered by a ruthless killer. In the middle of trying to catch the killer, Austin gets waylaid by a widow who’s trying to make it on her own. I bet they don’t fall in love at all.

Jennie Garth


Another 90210 alum, Garth plays a single mother who gets into a car crash with an actor on his way to the audition of a lifetime in Accidentally in Love. Guess what happens next, guys?

Casper Van Dien

90210 stars love Hallmark movies apparently, because Van Dien—who played Griffin Stone in the ‘90s television series—plays archeologist Danny Fremont in The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb, a free-spirited guy who is on the hunt for King Tut’s Emerald Tablet.

And you thought you’d never see these stars again. All you have to do is turn on your television, and they’ll be back in your life (and back in your heart) in no time.

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