11 North West Style Tips That She'll Pass Down To Her Little Brother — PHOTOS

It's official: a new little West has joined the family! With the birth of Kim Kardashian's second baby comes a whole lot of new responsibilities for North as a big sister. One of her new big sis tasks will be to teach him everything she's learned about fashion in the two years she's been alive. That might not seem like a long time to develop personal style, but North is no normal tot — she definitely has a lot of style lessons to teach the little man.

We might not know the baby's name or what he looks like yet, but one thing is certain — he will be stylish! North will make sure of that. It's just what big sisters do. Personall, I spend a lot of time trying to guide my little bro away from bright pink polos. With two stylish years of life and numerous front row appearances at fashions shows under her belt (not to mention a pair of style icons as parents), North has a lot of style expertise to impart on her sibling.

Between how to rock a matching outfit with your cousin to what to wear at fashion week, North could even teach some adults a thing or two about getting dressed. She's constantly rocking all the best accessories and pulling every outfit off with ease. If baby number two is only half as stylish as his sister, he'll still be one to watch. Here are all the tips she'll pass down to her bro.

1. How To Personalize Camo

Some kids might just slip on a camo jacket, but not North. She goes all out with a green tutu and matching unitard.

2. How To Keep It Cool Poolside

North knows how to keep it casual poolside without even messing up her hair, which is surely something she'll teach her little brother to master.

3. How To Make PJs Look Professional

Milk in hand, North rocked her pajamas and proved that she could look just as glamorous as her aunties.

4. How To Get The Perfect Face Paint

Any toddler can get his or her hands on face paint, but North must have some inside tips on how to pair the paint with the perfect outfit.

5. How To Wake Up Stylish

Six in the morning and already looking fabulous. That's definitely a skill she'll pass down to the new baby.

6. How To Style A Balmain Blazer

It's no secret that the Kardashian-West family loves Balmain, but North will have to share with her brother how she stays so comfy in her designer jacket.

7. How To Match Mommy

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kardashian and North wore matching sheer outfits for fashion week, and baby number two will have to learn fast how to keep up.

8. How To Rock Head To Toe Black

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She sure does know the secret to monochrome layering.

9. How To Wear Daddy's Creations

I'm not sure anyone really knows how to make the Yeezy collection look normal, but somehow North has the knowledge to rock it.

10. How To Look Edgy On The Field

All black with fringed shorts, North's outfit was way more chic than anything I've worn to play sports.

11. How To Accessorize

Leave it to North to have all the essentials on her at all times.