The One Palette You Need For New Year's Eve Makeup Is A No-Brainer — VIDEOS

This year's beauty trends are all about dramatic eye looks. Whether you're sporting perfect cat eyes or metallic shadows, paired with a nude lip and a statement outfit, you are set to go. New Year's Eve is certainly no exception. What's the one palette you need for New Years Eve? Why, the palette to end all other palettes. The Urban Decay Naked Smoky, of course!

NYE is on a Thursday night, which means there will likely be work the next morning, depending on your field, but you are still going to get turnt for the sake of your pride. Your #coven or #squad are going out to try to party like it's 2015 for a few more hours. You never know who you're going to meet and how many drunk selfies you're going to take. You have to be prepared. It's time to pull out the big guns.

The new Urban Decay Naked Smoky is the only thing you need to create a dynamic, dramatic eye look that matches your NYE outfit. Make sure to put that on first, of course. It's no secret why makeup lovers go nutso over the Naked palette series, and a Naked smoky eye is like the holy grail of going-out looks. You'll get great quality matte and shiny shadows with colors that effortlessly blend and compliment each other.

Many Naked fans were pleasantly surprised, because it looks like such a basic palette, but ended up using it every day. One of the best things about this palette is how versatile the tonality is: you could have a gray, brown, bronze, or purple smokey eye. You can make it darker or highlight and open up your eyes for a wider set look. The question that I now pose is: is which look is best for you?

NAKED Smoky Eyeshadow Palette, $54, Urban Decay

Do you need some inspiration from the professionals? Don't worry, the Internet is here to help you. Michelle Phan is not the only beauty vlogger; there are thousands of people just like you on the Internet sharing their own experiences and beauty tips. They can help you! Here are a few of my favorite tutorials to jumpstart your perfect New Year's look:

1. Kathleen Lights

KathleenLights on YouTube

Kathleen gives us a classic smoky look with a flawless finish. It's perfection and works every time!

2. Melrae Segal

Melrae Segal on YouTube

Melrae goes grunge and peach mixing some of the darkest shades with the lightest.

3. BiancaBLovesU

BiancaBLovesU on YouTube

This tutorial layers on the "Armour" for a fierce NYE club eye.

4. Tati

Tati on YouTube

Tati mixes "Whiskey" with "Thirteen" to create a more dimensional look and it's absolutely genius.

5. Melissa Alatorre

Melissa Alatorre on YouTube

Here is a lighter and more neutral smoky look, focusing on "Radar."

6. Danna Ann

Danna Ann on YouTube

Opt for a darker eye look some volume by lining and smudging both "Black Market" and normal stick eyeliner on the bottom lash line.

7. SMLx0

SMLx0 on YouTube

Here Stephanie goes for a cool brown and bronze smoky eye.

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Images: KathleenLights/YouTube, Urban Decay