21 Cheese Gifts For A Seriously Gouda Holiday Season

In this world there are few things that we love more than our family, our friends, and our night cheese. And as the holiday season continues joyously on, we come to realize that the solution to the ever-growing list of presents we need to buy is simple: cheese-themed gifts. What says “Happy holidays” better than a cheese-of-the-month subscription, or a sweatshirt that properly expresses your love of wine and cheese nights? Nothing.

It’s safe to say that cheese has control over our lives, but really, we wouldn’t have it any other way. A warm, gooey bowl of mac and cheese is the culinary equivalent to a comforting hug. A smear of brie takes us to another plane as we enjoy a fancy, artistically cultivated cheese plate. And sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a heavy sprinkling of parmesan over a hot plate of pasta. We dream of cheese from morning to night, so why wouldn’t we express our love of it through holiday gifts?

Christmas morning, you’ll find me cozy in my pajamas with a tasty cheesy breakfast in front of me. I’ll have a proper stash of cheese-themed gifts waiting for everyone on my list, and hey, maybe I’ll even buy a couple for myself too.

1. Three-Month Cheese Club Subscription

For the most discerning of cheese lovers, this artisanal subscription will always impress.

Three-Month Cheese Club Subscription, $177, artisanalcheese.com

2. Grilled Cheese Maker

Sure, you can make an excellent grilled cheese on the stove or in a panini press. But a grilled cheese maker? That's some next-level excellence.

Grilled Cheese Maker, $24.99, uncommongoods.com

3. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook

Finally, a cookbook that allows us to further perfect the most perfect dish of all.

The Mac + Cheese Cookbook, $13.66, amazon.com

4. Chalkboard Cheese Markers

Your cheese plate is in for a serious upgrade with these reusable markers.

Chalkboard Cheese Markers, $19.95, williams-sonoma.com

5. Wine and Cheese Sweatshirt

Here's the perfect uniform for your friend who truly understands the beauty of a wine-and-cheese night.

Wine and Cheese Sweatshirt, $27.99, etsy.com

6. Artisan Goat Cheese-Making Kit

With this gift, your cheese-loving friend is sure to impress any and all houseguests with their culinary creation.

Artisan Goat Cheese-Making Kit, $29, brit.co

7. Cheese Print

Express your love for cheese in a cool, artistic way with this black and white print.

Cheese Print, $24.66, etsy.com

8. Cheese Friendship Necklace

Now these are some #squadgoals we can really get behind.

Cheese Friendship Necklace, from $9.50, etsy.com

9. Grate Stuff Bag

We always love a good pun, but a cheese pun? That's really gouda.

Grate Stuff Bag, $16.95, etsy.com

10. Laguiole Wine and Cheese Set

Nothing says "adult" like a simple, streamlined wine and cheese set.

Laguiole Wine and Cheese Set, $39.95, williams-sonoma.com

11. Cheddar Cheese-Making Set

For a cheese lover who can't resist a classic, this cheddar-making kit offers a tasty possibility.

Cheddar Cheese-Making Set, $53.75, etsy.com

12. Cast Iron Cheese Baking Dish

This tool ensures melty cheese, whenever you want it. There may be no better holiday miracle.

Cast Iron Cheese Baking Dish, $16.97, crateandbarrel.com

13. Wood Slice Serving Plate

Serve up some Swiss the coolest way ever.

Wood Slice Serving Plate, $24.46, surlatable.com

14. Stainless Steel Fondue Set

This gift keeps on giving — as long as your recipient invites you over to their impending fondue party.

Stainless Steel Fondue Set, $52.12, wayfair.com

15. Assorted Cheese Papers

Not only do these cheese papers look super cute, they'll also keep your brie fresher than ever.

Assorted Cheese Papers, $16.95, crateandbarrel.com

16. Cheese of the Month Club

Not looking for major commitment? A single month of a surprise cheese will always please.

Cheese of the Month Club, $47.95 per month, cheesemonthclub.com

17. Aim to Cheese Marker Set

These simple arrow markers add a quirky touch to any cheese plate. Bring on the muenster!

Aim to Cheese Marker Set, $8.99, modcloth.com

18. Cheesy Popcorn Trio

Get your Olivia Pope on in the tastiest way ever.

Cheesy Popcorn Trio, $19.95, surlatable.com

19. Cheese Slicer

Be sure to pair this gift with a tasty hard cheese for a seriously satisfying treat.

Cheese Slicer, $12.99, wayfair.com

20. Cheese Fries Shirt

Regina George will always understand the importance of cheese fries.

Cheese Fries Shirt, $29, etsy.com

21. Mac and Cheese Ankle Socks

There may be no better way to express our love of mac and cheese than these festive socks.

Mac and Cheese Ankle Socks, $8, livingroyal.com

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