Khloe Shares Emotional Hospital Visit Tweet

It is no secret this has been a tough year for Khloé Kardashian, but today she has something wonderful to celebrate thanks to the birth of her new nephew. Khloé's sister Kim gave birth to a healthy baby boy Saturday, December 5, and Khloé's tweet about Kardashian-West's second baby's arrival is bittersweet — but hopeful indicative that happy days are ahead. Khloé's husband Lamar Odom was still in hospital as of early November, after being found unresponsive in Nevada, and although he is doing much better than he was when he was admitted, the former basketball player still has a long recovery ahead of him. From Khloé's brief tweet, it sounds as if her nephew was born in the same hospital, leading to a busy day for the little guy's aunt.

Divorce proceedings were in process at the time of Odom's scare, but Khloé has remained by his side through every step of his recovery. Since she is an amazing woman who is clearly skilled at dealing with major life events all happening at once, Khloé has also been busy promoting her new book Strong Looks Better Naked. While 2015 has been crazy stressful thanks to balancing her career and family with being a good friend to Odom, the arrival of Kim and Kanye West's second child promises the end of the year will be a good one for Khloé and the rest of her family.

As Khloé puts it, she has been "hoping from one room to another [sic]" as she goes back and forth between visiting Kim's son and helping Odom. It's the reason why she is so familiar with the halls of the hospital, but at least now her navigation skills lead to baby snuggles. Khloé is such a powerhouse of a person. Her nephew has an amazing aunt to look up to, and he might just be the start for a new chapter for her as well.

While Odom is dealing with physical therapy, Khloé's life is once again becoming full of exciting changes. From her book release to meeting her new nephew, the end of 2015 is surely leading to happy days ahead in 2016. Her resiliency, loyalty, and dedication to the people she loves have been on full display these last few months. She deserves all the happiness she can get, and there are few things guaranteed to bring as much happiness as a new baby in the family. Here's to an amazing year ahead for Khloé and her new little nephew.