9 Mason & Reign Approved-Outfits For The New Baby

The most adorable boys in the Kardashian family now have a new baby cousin. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s basically their duty as the older cousins to help him out. Here are nine outfits Mason and Reign Disick should share with their new cousin as hand-me-downs, because there’s nothing better than cute clothes, right? I assure you, this isn’t your average recycled clothing from family members we’re talking about here. The Disick boys have style, and if they pass on their outfits, their cousin will, too.

In a family of mostly women, the boys have to look out for each other. I’m sure the latest addition plus Mason and Reign will be the cutest group of boys around, especially in terms of clothing. From the cutest pajamas to cool shoes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s son is in good hands if he’s getting clothes from his older cousins. With Reign being so close in age, I’m thinking this hand-me-down thing could really play in Kim K’s favor, not that she can’t handle shopping for a boy on her own. But I mean, with two boys, her sister’s got plenty of practice.

See nine pieces that would be absolutely adorable on the latest little bundle of joy.

1. Ripped Jeans

I mean, how cool will the baby be in these?

2. Furry Feels

This matching cap and jacket would surely keep him warm.

3. Plaid PJs

Matching plaid pajamas are a must.

4. Mr. Bones

A skeleton onesie is the perfect Halloween attire.

5. Striped Footed Pajamas

Because you've got to keep a baby's feet warm.

6. Monochrome

It just wouldn't be Kimye's baby without a monochrome set or two.

7. Skater Shoes

Mason's got to teach him how to skate, eventually. But, in the meantime, he'll take those shoes.

8. Bunny Ears

Can baby Kimye please have those, too? They're just too cute.

9. Graphic Tees

Anything that Mason would wear would look great on the new baby, too.

The latest Kardashian addition will be lucky to wear the same clothes as his two older cousins because they're the coolest ones around. When it comes to these boys' clothes Auntie Kim's going to be all:

Images: kourtneykardash/Instagram (1); Giphy (1)