Chiara Ferragni Has The Closet Of Your Dreams, Naturally — PHOTOS

I’m sure none of you would be shocked to hear that Chiara Ferragni has one chic closet, because I mean, she is Chiara Ferragni, after all. When you’re as well-dressed as she is, you’ve got to have an amazing place to store the goods, right? Absolutely! Harper’s Bazaar gave a sneak peek into her newly designed closet, and if you thought her clothing was drool-worthy, then you haven’t seen anything, yet. Prepare to be in heaven because, at least for me, the only thing equally as good as fashion is interior design. And when those two worlds collide — I’m in my happy place.

Let me just say, if I had a closet that looked like this, you’d have a hard time getting me out of it. Seriously — I’d don’t think I’d ever leave. Ever. She sought the design expertise of Consort Design for her L.A.-based home, and they did one heck of a job giving her a beautiful place to store her clothes.

You know you’ve made it when there’s a couch in your closet, and while it seems a little much to have seating in you closet, I totally get it. When you could sit and stare at that wardrobe of hers all day, why would you ever do anything else?

So. Many. Shoes. I knew this was my happy place.

The design firm told Harper's Bazaar, "It was important the closet feel like a cozy place where you would actually want to hang out. We outfitted the room with vintage elements, rosy accents, and even a pull-out sofa for additional guests." Umm, I'd gladly stay there.

Now, see some of the most covetable pieces from her closet because the room's great and all, but there'd be no need for it without these amazing pieces to fill it.

1. Lace & Sparkle

Having elements of lace and sparkle makes for one extra special dress.

2. Amazing Shoes

Being a shoe-designer herself, her closet is stocked with some incredible footwear.

3. All-Over Leather

An all-over leather dress? I'd never tire of looking at this.

4. Floral Embellishment

I'd try this piece on over and over again.

5. Fabulous Furs

She should definitely snuggle up with this fur jacket on that couch of hers.

6. Bold Bags

Her accessory game is strong, so she needs a great place to store those purses, you know?

7. Luxe Gowns

When you make as many red carpet appearances as she does, you rack up on some extravagant pieces.

If I were her, I'd spend my days in front of the mirror, enjoying my clothing, closet and overall lavish lifestyle.

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