How Many Red Devil Killers Are There On 'Scream Queens'? Someone May Be Working On Their Own

We're getting down to the wire on Scream Queens, and while loyal viewers have plenty of theories as to who the Red Devil killer could be, the show is pulling out all the stops to make sure that the answer is anything but obvious. We already know that Boone is one of the Red Devil killers, and also one of the "bathtub babies" seeking revenge for Kappa's involvement in his mother's death. Tuesday's episode revealed that there's yet another suspect for the Red Devil killer: Pete, Grace's boyfriend, who revealed that he's also a killer. It seems that everyone has a reason to be the Red Devil killer, but since so many people have been in the same room as Gigi, Boone, and one of the masked killers, it brings up a major question: Could there be more than two Red Devil killers? It certainly seems possible.

We know a few things so far about our killers. The first is that Gigi was working with them, which, in my mind, automatically crosses Grace, Grace's father, or Dean Munsch off the killer's list, as they spent considerable time with Gigi alone. We also know that Boone was one of the killers, which means that anyone who was seen speaking with Boone alone (like Zayday and Chanel #3) are also off the list.

When you think about it in those terms, very few people could actually be the killer, unless we have a "multiple personalities" theory in store for us in the finale. So, could there be a another, independent killer working outside of Gigi, Boone, and the other bathtub baby?

It might make a lot of sense. We know that the Red Devil killer is wreaking havoc all over campus, but we also know that plenty of people not in the Red Devil's mask have also committed heinous crimes. Chanel was all too happy to push Hester down the stairs, and everyone was okay with murdering Dean Munsch without any real evidence that she was the killer. Dean Munsch herself axed her ex-husband's head off and blamed his mistress. No one is innocent here. So, could another "Red Devil" be assuming that identity so they can independently kill people?

If that's the case, that brings quite a few more suspects to the table for who might really be the killer on campus. We can put Grace back on the list, which is a popular fan theory. Could Grace be so obsessed with finding the Red Devil killer because she's a killer herself?

It might sound convoluted, but this is Scream Queens, the show that mowed a sorority girl's head off in its first episode. No one is safe, and everyone's a suspect.

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