3 'Scream Queens' Red Devil Theories To Revisit

The key mystery of who's behind the Red Devil mask on Scream Queens has been plaguing viewers throughout the show's entire first season. There have been as many theories about the identity of the killer as there are characters on the show — is there anyone left who hasn't at least been suspected of being a murderer? (I'm pretty sure the answer is no.) Each of these theories have taken twists and turns as new information has been revealed on the show. So, ahead of the two-hour season finale, "Dorkus/The Final Girls," in which the killer will finally be unmasked, let's revisit the top Red Devil Scream Queens theories.

Before I really dive in, though, let's go over what we know to be true about the killer, or at least what we think we know. The Red Devil killer has a vendetta against Kappa Kappa Tau sorority sisters, presumably because they were born in a bathtub in the house and their mother was left to die. Gigi raised the babies, a boy and a girl, and we know that the boy was Boone, while the girl seems to be the remaining killer. Still with me? In the penultimate episode, "Black Friday," it was revealed that Gigi was the sister of one of the Kappas in the bathroom who later killed herself, and she raised the babies to exact revenge. Additionally, Pete seems to be in #cahoots with the Red Devil — that is, if he isn't actually the remaining killer himself! But, I'm getting ahead of myself, let's dive into the top theories now, and see how they hold up considering what's been brought to light.


Pete has been level 10 shady since he first appeared on Scream Queens and because of that, he has been a major suspect, even after Boone was revealed to be one of the bathtub babies. However, if he's the Red Devil, who was the mysterious person he was talking to on the phone? So, in light of these newest revelations, Pete probably isn't the Red Devil killer, though he definitely appears to be one of their accomplices.


One of the most prevailing theories about the identity of the last killer is that it could be Grace. Even her dad thought it was her! Plus, if she is the killer, it would make sense why she would go along with Chanel's plan to kill Dean Munsch since it keeps the Kappas off her trail — and if Zayday is suspicious of this already, it would explain why she would vote Grace out of Kappa. Of course, the big hole that's formed in the Grace theory is her parentage, since we were eventually given a pretty detailed backstory about her mother. So unless there's something we still don't know, Grace definitely isn't one of the bathtub babies. Besides, if Pete is in #cahoots with the Red Devil, it's likely that Grace isn't the killer, since she would already know he's a murderer.

Chanel No. 5

We can maybe cross Chanel off the suspect list since the Red Devil shot her in the arm. But, just because someone in a Red Devil costume chased her, No. 3, and No. 6 around a mall on Black Friday doesn't necessarily exonerate all of them, especially now that we know Pete is in #cahoots. No. 5 has escaped the Red Devil unscathed on many occasions — the maze, the car, and now the mall — which could be explained if she was never the target of the killer, because she was the killer's sister. Unlike many of the other characters, we haven't met No. 5's family, so how do we know she wasn't raised by Gigi? All these hints make it seem like there's a good chance Chanel No. 5 is the other Red Devil killer, and this theory is definitely the most promising going into "Dorkus/The Final Girls."

Still, given how twisty the mystery on Scream Queens has been, I wouldn't be too surprised if the Red Devil was someone out of left field. Luckily, we only have to wait one more week to find out.

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