How 'Bad Grandpa' Scored an Oscar Nom

There weren't a ton of surprises in the Oscar nominations this year. We all knew that Jennifer Lawrence was snagging a spot in the Best Supporting Actress category for American Hustle and that Meryl would be nominated for whatever she did. It was obvious that Leonardo DiCaprio would get a nod for Wolf Of Wall Street (but, sadly, probably not the win) and that Spike Jonze would get a Best Original Screenplay nomination for Her.

So, what were we surprised about this year? That we can say truthfully that Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa actually scored an Oscar nomination. What was the nod for? Well, let's not get carried away — as ridiculously funny as it was, Bad Grandpa is by no means high cinematic art. Bad Grandpa was nominated deservedly for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

The nomination is alongside two other films — Dallas Buyers Club and The Lone Ranger — and, if we're being honest, we think that Bad Grandpa has a pretty good shot at winning. The Lone Ranger was a flop and the makeup and hair was nowhere near as intricate as the work done in either of the other two films nominated. As for Dallas Buyers Club, we have a feeling that it might take home a few other categories — namely, Jared Leto for Best Supporting Actor — which may mean that Bad Grandpa can slide right in for the win.

Just checkout the incredible makeup done on Johnny Knoxville and tell me that the makeup artist wasn't a total genius.

And this:

And this:

It's weird to say it, but, Jackass, we're rooting for you at the Oscars this year.

Images: MTV Films/Dickhouse Productions