Hailee Steinfeld's Ugly Holiday Sweater Is Actually Kinda Cute — PHOTO

Ugly holiday sweaters are supposed to be... ugly. They are often conversation starters, since they are garish and loud. But they can also actually be so uncool that they become cool. Funny how that works, huh? Singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld wore an ugly holiday sweater that was actually kinda cute. That's because it was black and the holiday design and graphics weren't too loud and didn't scream "HAPPY HOLIDAYS." It wasn't an overpowering statement by any means.

Steinfeld, a key member of Taylor Swift's squad and one of the best things about Pitch Perfect 2, paired her paradoxical, ugly but cute holiday sweater with simple and loose ringlet curls and majorly on fleek brows. Seriously, her brows were a clinic in expert brow 'scaping. Overall, though, her hair and brows styled properly with this seasonal sweater; a big or ornate 'do wouldn't have worked.

Steinfeld's sweater was festooned with some snowflakes and the world "Jingle," which was likely followed by the word "Bells," but you can't quite tell since she was hugging a pal in this pic.

But if you want to be festive and wear an ugly holiday sweater without getting too crazy with images of reindeer or snowmen or phrases, the Steinfeld route is the one to take.

It was not a hideous holiday sweater. It was subtle, relatively speaking!

If you want to tackle this trend, there are lots of cute and wearable options that are laid back but totally celebratory.

Reindeer Sweater, $25, Forever 21

This cropped, burgundy, and fitted sweater with a quiet reindeer and diamond pattern is sweet and cute.

Snowflake Sweater, $28, Forever 21

This snowflake-print sweater is festive and seasonal. It's also non-denominational. So it serves a lot of purposes, since it's cozy, stylish, doesn't make any sort of religious statement about which holiday you celebrate, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc., and is super cute.

Add a pair of side-panel leggings, which are a tad dressier. You can wear pumps, peep-toes, ankle booties, or even cozy Uggs with this ensemble and be holiday party-ready.

ICYMI: Steinfeld recently rocked the most amazing fishtail braid that is a trend you need to try in 2016. So make a note of it. I predict she will be one of the major style stars of 2016, thanks to the looks she has been showing in 2015.

Image: Courtesy Brands (3)