Videos Of Shelby Brown Singing Prove 'The Voice' Star Was Born With Musical Brilliance

Is it just me or is this season of The Voice bursting at the seams with unbelievably young talent? Leading the pack of absurdly talented youths is country sensation, Shelby Brown. At the ripe old age of 16 years old, she walked onto The Voice stage and managed to turn every judges' chair almost simultaneously. Taking a quick look at her social media accounts will give you a tiny glimpse into the raw talent that she possesses. And, videos of The Voice's Shelby performing with just her guitar and her voice will prove how special her talent really is.

Shelby managed to not only shock everyone with her amazing vocal skills on the show, but she also made everyone's head spin with her choice of judge. It seemed that the obvious choice for this true country gal would be to join Blake Shelton's team, but she confidently chose to join Team Adam, and the choice has really helped her flourish as an artist. Adam has taken her somewhat out of her country music box (not completely) and given her a lot of unique opportunities to showcase her talent. When you are being referred to as the next Carrie Underwood, you know you are doing things right.

Check out this young superstar before she hit The Voice stage.

1. "What's Going On"

Covering the Four Non Blondes is a seriously heavy task to take on. Shelby nails those insane vocals with what appears to be complete ease.

2. "Dibs"

I don't personally know the song, but she makes me love it. The thing that really strikes me in this video is how happy she clearly is while she's singing.

3. "Girl Crush"

I actually hate this song, but somehow I absolutely love it when Shelby sings it. She just kills it. And, her dog Molly totally photo bombs her at the end which is hilarious.

4. "You're No Good"

This one is definitely my favorite. Great song choice and Shelby's voice is made to sing it. She's got that great growly sound that usually only comes from years of experience. Even though she's so young, these pre-Voice videos are proof that this girl was born to be a star.

Images: Trae Patton/ NBC