Directioners Are So Pissed About The Grammys

Another year, another crop of Grammy nominations sure to piss off the masses. With only five slots in each category, you'd be hard pressed to make everyone happy — no matter how many "real" artists earn nominations. Naturally, Twitter was ready and waiting to express disdain over 2016 Grammys snubs like One Direction, "Hotline Bling," and Nicki Minaj all but total exclusion from the top categories. And while you could argue that we all should have seen this coming, that the Grammys always stir the pot, leave beloved artists out, and generally create rage among the music-loving people of the world, that doesn't make it hurt any less when you fail to see your favorite's name on that long, long, long list of nominees.

There is a big world of music out there, but your favorite artist can make it feel like they're the only one in the world. When Marina and the Diamonds perform, you'd swear they were just as huge as Taylor Swift, and lord help the person who comes between Directioners and their boys. So yeah, there's some rage out there. And yeah, it's justified. But guys, it's the Grammys: They're never going to satisfy us all. Too bad nobody told 1D fans that.

There Was Much Confusion

And Endless Sadness

Some Were Driven To Aggressively Blank Stares

Others Wrote Long Lists & Essays To Sway The Grammys To Change Their Minds

True Devotees Used The Boys' Own Words To Express Their Rage

There Were Those Who Noted That At Least 1D Is In Really Great Company

Sorry, Leo.

And For Some Reason, Steve Harvey Was Involved

Well, I guess the boys will just have to change their minds and stay together for another album, right, Directioners? Right?