2016 Grammy Snubs Include Nicki Minaj & Some Of Your Other Favorite Artists

Though one of the best parts of watching the Grammys Awards (you know, apart from seeing all your favorite musicians in one place) is seeing which deserving artist snagged nominations — and, of course, which artist will ultimately win the coveted awards — there's always a bit of disappointment involved when it comes to the accompanying knowledge that not every deserving artist can be recognized every year. Take last year, for example: One Direction's Midnight Memories was snubbed despite the fact it was a great album, and also despite the fact that they're, like, the biggest boy band on Earth. No matter how famous they are, no artist is safe from being snubbed.

Of course, who's actually snubbed and how much varies each year. Sometimes, a deserving artist will only get a bit of recognition when they deserve a lot, and sometimes, they won't get any when they deserve to sweep the whole awards show. Of course, awards shows are in no way indicative of any lack of talent or success, and neither is being looked over for a nomination — it's just nice to be recognized at an event such as this one.

Personally, I was pretty certain that this year, Florence + the Machine would be the one to receive the most snubs — and I was right. Despite releasing the glorious album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, the nominations sadly overlooked her when she really deserved a nomination in every category possible. A big snub surprise this year for me was Nicki Minaj, who released The Pinkprint during the eligibility period — how did she not get one nod in any of the big categories with singles like "Pills N Potions" and "Anaconda"?!

Who else was snubbed this year? Here are a few more artists whose talent was neglected to be recognized in the nominations for 2016:

Florence + The Machine

As I said, Florence Welch's third album with Florence + The Machine, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, was as close to a masterpiece as an artist could get to. With a set of pretty much flawless songs, it deserved to at least get a nod for Album of the Year — and though it did get a shout for Best Pop Vocal album, I'm still considering this a huge snub for 2016. It deserved more.

Nicki Minaj

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN AGAIN?! The Pinkprint is an amazing hip-hop album, and pretty well-known at this point for being an amazing hip-hop album — it makes no sense that Minaj didn't get a nomination in any of the main categories. At the very least, her song "Truffle Butter" was nominated for Best Rap Performance, "Only" was nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, and The Pinkprint was nominated for Best Rap Album — but the fact that her hard work wasn't recognized in the main categories of Album of the Year, Song of the Year, or Record of the Year is a shame.

Justin Bieber

The Grammys have a history of not being so kind of the Biebz, and even with an eligible track like "What Do You Mean?" it still wasn't enough to change the tides. It's sad, though — that single was legitimately great, and actually made Beliebers out of those who didn't always like him in the past.


Ah, Drake. Though he did get a couple of nods in the nominations (Best Rap Performance for "Back to Back," and Best Rap Song for "Energy,") the biggest rapper in the game still deserved way more than that. Like, at least a shout in the Best Rap Album category for If You're Reading This It's Too Late?!

Lana Del Rey

How this sweet gangster Nancy Sinatra didn't get any nominatons this year for her album Honeymoon — which was released on Sept. 18, 2015, well within the eligibility period of Oct. 1, 2014 to Sept. 30, 2015 — I will never understand.

One Direction

Although their album, Made In The A.M., was not eligible to be nominated this year (there's always next year, boys!), their single "Drag Me Down" was released well within the eligibility period. Considering this is one of their last releases together before their extended hiatus, it would have made sense for the Grammys to give them at least one nomination for the song. Also, you know, it's a good song.

Marina And The Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds — real name, Marina Diamandis — is really one of those artists who I always hope will be recognized by the Grammy Awards, but I know never will be because she's not that type of mainstream. However, with her most recent album Froot, Marina was getting there! It even charted in the Billboard 100! This is a snub in my book, and it should be in everyone else's, too.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Honestly, I was sure that after the ridiculously adorable music video for "I Really Like You" with Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber, Jepsen would secure at least one nomination for that song, or anything to do with her most recent album, Emotion — but, somehow, this wasn't the case.

Demi Lovato

"Cool For the Summer"?! "Stone Cold"?! Confident is Demi Lovato's most personal album yet, and it was released well within the eligibility period to receive at least one nomination in a category this year — how it got none will remain a complete and utter mystery for the rest of time.


Not only was Tinashe's debut album Aquarius not recognized in any of the categories — but Tinashe didn't grab any nominations at all! This, folks, is what we refer to as a travesty.

Again, not nabbing a nomination is in no way indicative of an artist's talent or how good an album is — the sad reality just is that there aren't an endless amount of spots available for nominations. Congrats to the nominees, and to those snubbed: You're still all winners too.