2015 Was Definitely Sam Hunt's Year

If you've turned on the radio once in 2015, you've probably already heard a Sam Hunt song. Since releasing his debut album, Montevallo, at the end of 2014, the country newcomer has released four singles, and they've quickly translated into hits. And if one song has become a huge success so far, it's definitely "Take Your Time," which has snagged a spot on both the country and pop charts. And now, it looks like it might even be responsible for snagging the 30-year-old a very prestigious award. Because not only did Hunt's biggest song, "Take Your Time," help him get nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys, but his album received a nod for Best Country Album, too.

Despite the fact that I have lived in the south my entire life, I've never been big on country music, unless it's got pop crossover potential, like Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. And being that Hunt's style is the same way, I'm already loving a lot of his music, and "Take Your Time" is the perfect introduction to what he can do. If you're new to Hunt — or if you're wondering who this dude sweeping up Grammy noms is — it's a good place to start. The video has already received over 56 million views on YouTube so far, which is not too shabby!

In the year since "Montevallo" was released, Sam Hunt has created his own, very specific sound where he spends half his songs talking and half singing, a style Brad Paisley affectionately calls "Sam Hunting." This style is present in "Take Your Time" and many of his other tracks, and it's definitely a good thing. In a world where a lot of country music sounds the same with similar themes like big trucks, women, and beer, it's nice to hear something different every once in awhile.

And if "Take Your Time" isn't enough to reel you in, try "House Party." It's essentially a love song written for a girl who doesn't want to put on pants or stop watching Netflix, which is basically all of us. And aren't we all waiting for the one person who's worthy of pressing pause for?

Hunt's up against a few serious contenders for Best New Artist, including Tori Kelly and Meghan Trainor, but I think he definitely has a shot. We'll find out in February!