13 Reasons Sam Hunt Has Major Southern Swag

by Katie Patton

If you were to ask me, I'd tell you that country musician Sam Hunt is on the verge of taking over the genre. But that would be unfairly understated considering he’s a total game changer, poised to top charts (and steal hearts) across genres. While the ACM nominated singer has deep roots in country music — he got his start writing for Keith Urban and Billy Currington — he also brings a unique cadence to many of his songs with a serious ability to coolly flow lyrics like rap royalty against beats with a pop undertone.

In addition to his musical talents, Hunt's personal style is just as much of an unlikely, yet welcomed, mashup — he may be small town country, but like his debut album Montevallo, his look is hard to categorize and even harder not to love. Basically guys, he’s the male Taylor Swift, prepping to take over both the airwaves and the best dressed lists.

Overall, Sam Hunt is one improbable, lovable juxtaposition after another. Not only is he quickly becoming the poster boy for a new kind of country music, he is bringing a fresh fashion game to a traditionally bootcut-jean-wearing, cowboy-boot-clad group of gentlemen. The former college quarterback and philosophy major turned guitar-strumming crooner certainly has an air about him, a palpable uniqueness fueled by an almost Brody Jenner-esque, west coast, cool-kid vibe; combine that with his R&B influences, steadfast sweet Southern charm, and good old fashion southern drawl, and you're looking at country music's modern day heartbreaker.

With a flat bill where audiences may otherwise expect a cowboy hat to be and not a pair of tight-thighed denim in sight, Hunt's style is a mixture of urban street chic and laid back California cool with a distinct home grown country energy — think, if Pharrell, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton had a fashion love child, it would be Sam Hunt. Ah, but a picture is worth a thousand words, no?

Allow me to share with you all the reasons Sam Hunt's southern swag is bound to make him country music's new style star, as told by Instagram.

1. He Sports A Bevy Of Flat Bill Hats

Any country boy can rock a cowboy hat, but a guitar wielding Georgia native in a flat bill — that's Southern swag, my friends. When it comes to Hunt, there is no shortage of either.

2. His Penchant For Sneakers

Maybe it's the athlete in him or perhaps his urban influences shining through again, but Hunt is much more likely to be found in a Nike than a cowboy boot, mixing it up both on stage and off.

3. When He Does Wear Cowboy Boots, He Pairs Them With Leopard Pants

And a flat bill... duh. This outfit is a highlight in the long standing reign of the cowboy boot.

4. He's A Master Print Mixer

I wouldn't say plaid is uncommon in the Southern states and it's well known that camo is nearly a uniform below the Mason Dixon line, but the combination of the two is a bold one. And is that a sneaker and a flat bill I see? Obviously, yes.

5. Also, He's Not Afraid Of A Bold Print And A Colored Hat

Anyone else getting a little Macklemore vibe here? With this modern take on vintage styling, Hunt couldn't be straying further from his country roots, but I am not mad about the direction he's strutting.

6. His Pant Of Choice? The Jogger

Fashion's finest have been high on the jogger pant for a couple seasons now, but not only is it a tough silhouette for most to wear easily, it's also a surprising choice for a 6'4" country star. And by that I mean surprisingly refreshing and legitimately sexy, especially in comparison to the typical tight fitting boot cut jeans that have become the go to for country stars.

7. An On Point Ankle Pant Roll

Seriously, there are like five men in the whole world who can rock the rolled ankle pant and of those five, Hunt is the only one who still looks like he could simultaneously take you in a bar fight and make you swoon over his guitar strumming.

8. Graphic Tee Game On Fleek

Yes, yes that is TLC tee — as in "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls" — front and center. And a Red Hot Chili Peppers band tee. And an homage to the mixed tape. Way to rep the '90s in the coolest possible way, dude.

9. That Time He Owned Street Style In NYC

I'm sorry, is that you, Pharrell? Looking like a straight up CFDA Award winner, on trend urbanite, and street style pro. Pretty sure I just heard the jaw drop of every GQ editor.

10. Two Words: White. Tee.

The last person that made the white tee a fashion go-to was Maroon 5's frontman and People's Sexiest Man Alive. Well, watch out Adam Levine — you've got company in the "damn, how does he make a plain white tee look that good department."

11. And Also, That Black Tee Though...

Totally on board with this trend. All t-shirts, all the time.

12. That Time He Looked Like A Jonas Brother

Don't even pretend that: 1. You didn't have (AKA totally still have) a crush on at least one third of the Brothers Jonas. And 2. The Joe Bros aren't fashionable, because they've made their way into the world of GQ and the front row of many a fashion week. 3. You haven't seen those exact shoes on both Nick and Joe Jonas. 4. You aren't all about this entire dialogue/discovery right now.

13. That Time He Basically Mic Dropped The CMA Red Carpet

While also looking like he was on his way to being the cutest wedding date in the history of nuptials. No, seriously though, Sam, I have a wedding in June that I need a date for if you're free? Just let me know.

Watch out world, Sam Hunt is coming for you. And with his magical mix of irresistible Southern charm, swoon worthy style, and swag and songs you can't help but play on repeat, there will be no way to resist.

Images: Getty; SamHunt/Instagram