Chrissy Teigen Celebrates John Legend’s Grammy Nomination In An Unconventional Way

No matter what's going on in the pop culture world, we can always count on Chrissy Teigen to provide the best commentary, and Monday's Grammy nominations announcement was definitely no different. Since it's a day of celebration for many musicians, including Teigen's husband, John Legend, Twitter has been inundated by nominees expressing their excitement and gratitude... duh. Clearly, if you're up for one of the most prestigious awards in music, you're going to celebrate on social media (and off). But I'm sorry, nominees — Teigen's reaction to the Grammy nominations was the best of them all.

It all started when Legend so humbly thanked the Academy for his four nominations this year — not that those were surprising, since he's ridiculously talented. But Teigen, who's currently pregnant with her first child, was celebrating on Monday morning for a totally different reason: the fact that she and her hubby were able to get to the bathroom on time. According to every pregnant person I've ever met, the need to pee can become serious very quickly, and even as a non-pregnant person myself, it's a huge victory to find a bathroom before my usual Venti-sized coffee causes my bladder to explode. We've all been there. So I'd say that's an accomplishment just as important (if not more) than being nominated for a Grammy, wouldn't you agree?

2015 has been a pretty good year for these two. A Grammy nomination, expecting their first baby... and this is only stuff that happened at the end of the year! Add in Legend's Golden Globe win and the fact that Teigen just finished writing her first cookbook, and they have a lot to celebrate. You know, other than the whole bathroom thing.

And since Teigen's Twitter is consistently comedic gold, I'm really looking forward to Grammy night. Even when she's actually at award shows, she's always sharing what's on her mind, and it's usually exactly what the rest of us are thinking. I can't wait to hear what she thinks about this year's show (and performances, because some of them are always ridiculous). Fingers crossed her spectacular cry face makes a reappearance if Legend wins!

Even ugly crying, even as a meme, she is still super beautiful. The world isn't fair!

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