9 Pics To Get You Pumped For Chrissy's Cookbook

by Maitri Suhas

If you find yourself wondering, "When the eff is Chrissy Teigen getting a cookbook?!" fear not, because it's well on its way. The 29-year-old model and best thing in John Legend's life is busy testing, tweeting, and Instagramming recipes from her upcoming cookbook, cataloging them all over at her website, So Delushious. It's the perfect thing for you, if you love cooking but are looking for someone who's not a Rachael Ray (I die a little inside every time she says "yummo") or an Ina Garten (we can't all casually pluck fresh mint from our summer cottage in the Hamptons).

When her cookbook finally comes out (release date TBD) you can eat just like John Legend every single night, and that's pretty special. Even though her Instagram bio says that Instagram is the only thing she's good at, that is patently untrue, because these recipes look OFF THE CHAIN. (Also, she's an amazing co-host to LL Cool J on Lip Sync Battle, so she should give herself a little more credit.) And besides the food looking bomb as hell, you're sure to get lots of excellent anecdotes and commentary about the dishes from Teigs, like this story from her recipe for Korean BBQ Kalbi ribs on her website:

One time, long, long ago, a male friend of mine referred to a date’s…er…hoo-ha….as “beef curtains”. This has forever been engraved into my mind, and I STILL cannot write or say the word “beef” without thinking of it. And seriously, I haven’t seen many girl’s hoo-ha’s, but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t look like BEEFY CURTAINS.

And as if that wasn't enough, here are nine pictures to get you excited for Teigen's cookbook:

1. The Best Potato Salad Selfie Of All Time

She's adorable, potato salad is the food of the gods, and John Legend looks very grateful and blessed that he's about to be served some of that.

2. When She Was Ready to Fight Someone Over Crispy Salmon Skin

Chrissy Teigen will TAKE YOU TO TASK, people.

3. Holy Balls Is Right

Holy. Balls. Is. Right.

4. I Assume Her Cookbook Will Have More Detailed Recipes

But that pork and other stuff looks pretty damn delicious.

5. Everything Bagel-Flavored Chicken?!

I'm not even really sure what this is, but I know I want to eat it every day for the rest of my life.

6. When She Accurately Described Your Feelings About Gnocchi

The WORST thing to make, but the absolute best thing to eat.

7. Potato Porn


8. Biscuit Porn

Do you know how hard it is to find a quality biscuit, let alone make one?

9. Ranch Dressing Is King

And honey mustard is it's queen.

I'm ready for your cookbook, Teigen! Or you could just come over and cook for me, that would be preferable.

Images: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram (9)