30 Gifts For Your SO That Say "I Love You"

It might be considered the most wonderful time of the year, but to those people in relationships, the holiday season comes with a lot of stress — stress about finding the perfect last-minute gifts for your significant other, of course. How do you say "I love you" with a present that is both practical and romantic? Does such a gift even exist? And don’t get me started on the right wrapping paper.

Gifting is hard in general, so when it comes to getting one for the person you love most in the world, the pressure can really build. First, know that it's OK to want to give a great present, and hopefully your SO isn't the type to call it quits over a lame gift exchange, but remember the whole relationship doesn't hinge on this. There are much better things to bond (or fight) over.

That said, I'd be lying if I didn't tell you how I've cried over trying to find a present that shows how much I care and understand my boyfriend while also making me look like a cool and considerate girlfriend. Trust me, it’s not worth the stress. At that point, you are better off just getting a gift card to your favorite restaurant or an IOU coupon.

In an effort to make your life easier, consider the presents below this holiday season. There’s something for everyone, and they are way better than the aforementioned gift card, promise.

1. Five Year Memory Book

A lot might change over the next five years, and this beautiful book will help you document it all.

Five year memory book, $10, amazon .com

2. Handwriting Necklace

Turn your illegible “I love yous” into beautiful art with this handwriting necklace

Handwriting necklace, $33, amazon .com

3. Must Eat NYC

This should be the year you finally go on all those dates you talk about. Use this book as a guide for the fun, romantic nights to come.

Must Eat NYC, $21,

4. Latitude Longitude Bracelet

Remember the first place you met, or where your children were born? Never forget with this custom latitude longitude necklace.

Latitude longitude bracelet, $17, amazon .com

5. Lost Ocean Coloring Book

You’ve probably seen this coloring book everywhere as of late, but it lives up to the hype. Finally, an excuse to color as an adult.

Lost Ocean, $10,

6. I Pick You Guitar Pick

Have a musician boyfriend (or girlfriend)? Say "I pick you" in the corniest (but most adorable) way possible.

Guitar Pick, $13, amazon .com

7. Literary Scarves

Whoever said books can’t keep you warm never saw this. For the literary nerd you love, this scarf has an entire book printed on it.

Literary Scarf, $38, amazon .com

8. Foodie Dice

Let this be the year you stop ordering out, and learn to cook with these creative foodie dice.

Foodie dice, $38, amazon .com

9. Lists of Note Book

This book is a collection of lists from all sorts of interesting creative people. Now you can read Galileo’s shopping list.

Lists of Note, $26,

10. Tea Towel Set

A sweet tea towel set that doubles as a chore reminder. What could be better?

Tea towel set, $20, amazon .com

11. Ticket Stub Diary

Store those keepsakes in this clever ticket stub diary, complete with lined pages to jot down the memories from the experience.

Ticket stub diary, $13, amazon .com

12. Love You More Than Coffee Pack

If your SO's greatest competition is coffee, remind them that coffee takes a backseat when it comes to them.

Love You More pack, $12,

13. Homemade Gin Kit

Instead of Netflix and chill, how about DIY gin and chill? This kit is easier than you think, and obviously pretty. If it goes wrong, chuck it and buy a bottle.

Homemade Gin Kit, $50,

14. Kindle

For the nerdy SO who keeps the bright reading light on and you awake, you’re welcome.

Kindle, $79.99,

15. Kinky Sex Coupons

Technically this gift doubles as a gift for yourself, but I don’t think either of you will mind sharing.

Sex Coupons, $18,

16. Wishing Ball

With this wishing ball, you can write down your hopes for the new year, your favorite things as they happen, and sweet notes to each other, all to unwrap this time next year.

Wishing ball, $32,

17. Couple Initial Necklace

Give this sweet and subtle necklace as a token of your love.

Initial Necklace, $36,

18. Custom Pet Portrait

You might love your pet more than each other, and that’s OK. Celebrate the love with this incredible custom pet portrait.

Custom pet portrait, $25,

19. The Barista's Guide to Coffee

If coffee is the third person in your relationship, you should at least learn more about her. This book is a start.

Barista's Guide To Coffee, $22,

20. Love Mug

Say "I love you" and "I love wieners" all at once with this mug.

Love mug, $9.95,

21. Monogram Pendant Necklace

You can’t really go wrong with a simple statement necklace like this.

Monogram pendant necklace, $38,

22. Letterboard

You can pretty much say anything to each other with this letter board. Or just post quotes from The Office. There’s not much more romantic than that.

16x20 Letterboard, $82, amazon .com

23. Ballpark Blueprints

For the sports fan SO, these blueprints are about as beautiful as you can get.

Ballpark blueprint, $185,

24. Portable Amp

This tiny portable amp is just plain cool, and makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Portable amp, $35, amazon .com

25. Beard Pack

Tell him to take care of his beard in the nicest way possible with this pretty beard pack.

Beard pack, $39.95,

26. I Love You Mug

Say it loud and proud with this mug.

I love you mug, $10,

27. Book of Cocktails

New Year’s Eve is around the corner, and this book will come in handy for the party you’re hosting — or all the parties you will be hosting in 2016.

Book of Cocktails, $20,

28. Custom Paper Cut-Out Portrait

A custom portrait of the two of you. What could be cooler?

Custom portrait, $100+,

29. You Are My Greatest Adventure Art Hoop

This sentiment makes me tear up just thinking about it. It’s the perfect way to say “I love you” and “we need more art in the house” all at once.

Art Hoop, $18,

30. Gold Cat Ring

Are you cat people? This simple ring is sure to be loved.

Gold cat ring, $24,

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