Who Are 'The Bachelor' Twins? Emily & Haley Ferguson Are Both Fighting For Ben

The world is waiting with bated breath to see which of the 2016 Bachelor contestants will win Ben's heart—OK, so maybe I'm waiting with bated breath, and I'd like some company, so join me. While we have to wait until the new year to meet the women vying for Ben's love, as the premiere date gets closer, the women's names are being revealed. There are two names on the list that might raise some eyebrows, Emily and Haley Ferguson, twins who will be on The Bachelor . Yes, ABC has found a twist none of us could have predicted, as Ben will be dating two sisters. At the same time. Together. On the same show. At the same time. (Sorry, I just felt I needed to stress the at the same time part.)

Our fearless leader, Chris Harrison, spoke with Yahoo about six (technically seven) contestants that viewers will want to keep an eye out for this season. Two of them being Emily and Haley. According to Harrison, this dating the same guy at one time doesn't happen often (but it's convenient that the cameras are around to catch it):

They both watched Kaitlyn’s season and really liked Ben. They discovered that they both wanted to apply for the show, so they both did. This was the first time they have fallen for the same guy, as they usually have differing tastes.

I personally don't see how this is going to end well. Let's say one of them wins, wouldn't it be strange for the winner to know her sister was dating her boyfriend? Am I alone here? Maybe the 22-year-olds have an idea of how they're going to play this out, which we'll hopefully learn when the show begins in January. Until then, though, Reality Steve has rounded up information (that while informative, might not be the most reliable) about the sisters that will teach us a little bit more about them.

They're Identical Twins

According to Chris Harrison's interview with Yahoo, Haley and Emily are identical twins. While I do love a good twin-switch a la The Parent Trap, I think it's probably best if Haley and Emily leave their identical twin-pranks at home and try to distinguish themselves as individual contestants in the game, and not a set.

They Run A Lifestyle Blog

The two sisters, along with a friend, seem to all run a blog called blondesense, which contains make-up tutorials, beauty tips, and recipes.

Speaking Of Make-Up Tutorials

Check out an eye make-up tutorial by Haley, which has been posted on blondesense's site recently. (Maybe even study it, since it seems like she knows what she's talking about — and you'll be able to tell them apart if you watch long enough.)

They Auditioned To Be Cheerleaders

According to an article from July 2014, Haley and Emily auditioned to be Laker Girls. Reality Steve also says that they auditioned to be Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and were even on the show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team in 2013.

They're Cocktail Waitresses Now

In the meantime, Reality Steve says that Haley and Emily are both cocktail waitresses at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas' Marquee Nightclub.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)