8 Winter Dates That Won't Make You Roll Your Eyes

‘Tis the season to walk, hand-in-hand in a winter wonderland? Orrrr ‘tis the season for winter date night ideas that involve ordering in something deliciously terrible for you and binge-watching? While this time of year is undoubtedly one of the most romantic — just look at your Facebook feed full of engagements for proof — when it comes to venturing out for a date night during the winter, it’s something hard to find something to do that doesn’t look like it belongs on the cover of Martha Stewart Living.

Instead of thinking of those traditional date ideas — sleigh rides, ice skating with rosy cheeks, wine by the fireplace — consider taking some of the fun elements of traditional winter outings and pair them with a more modern approach to dating. By making the whole process of having a date when it’s freezing less cheesy and more interesting, you take a lot of pressure off of yourself — and your partner — to create a glittering-white-lights display of love and magic.

It might be the most magical season of all, but you certainly don’t have to go overboard to have a great time together between now and March. Here are some winter date ideas that won’t have you rolling your eyes:

1. The Stir Fry (Or Takeout) Challenge

So you’ve been seeing each other for a while, it’s below zero and you’d rather not go tour the window displays or look at lights. Instead, you’d rather take a night in together to cook (or order in) and get your heart rate up in another way. Enter: The Stir Fry — or Takeout —Challenge. After cooking the meat and then adding veggies, cover your stir fry and let it simmer on a lower heat for 25 minutes. Your mission while you wait for it finish cooking — or for your delivery order to arrive? For both of you to have an orgasm. Spend the rest of the night celebrating with a bottle of wine.

2. Play Hooky From Work

I'm not condoning getting fired at this time of year, but say there’s a bit of a lull and you both can escape mid-way through the day with a *cough* cold. Since it’s 3 p.m., and not 7 p.m., you’ll avoid a lot of the post-work hustle-and-bustle, and can enjoy the wintery sites with less of a crowd. If you want to go ice skating — because OK, it’s fun — this is the time to fit it in. Just make sure you get far enough from both of your respective workplaces so you don’t get caught, Ferris Bueller style.

3. Body Heat Sunday

It’s cold, your person’s cold — so stay inside. But with one catch: be naked all day. Turn down the heat (save money!), and keep one another warm by staying as close as possible. It’ll likely turn into a sex marathon for a Sunday, but what’s so bad about that in the dead of winter? Extra points if you can stomach holiday movie marathons while you get it on.

4. Try A Meal Experience

Not all restaurants are created equal, and if you’re actually going to brave the weather, why not make your dinner date less about the price tag and culinary prestige, but more about the experience. Check local site listings for your hometown to see what types of dinners have a show, a DJ, or if you’re really feeling out there, a theme where you have to dress up to attend.

5. Take A Boxing Class

What’s indoors, super-intense, super-sweaty and something that’ll make you both feel pretty awesome about yourself? A boxing class! Look for a local gym where every person who attends gets their own bag and go on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll get out any frustration, tension or stress from the previous week, and full permission to celebrate post-class with brunch and (many) mimosas.

6. Find A Hot Tub. Any Hot Tub.

When you have a Saturday to yourselves and want to do something relaxing, look for a local spa or a rental nearby, and immerse yourself into a hot tub. You’ll feel your muscles relax, you’ll enjoy the warmth and if you are the only ones in the tub, try going skinny (hot tub) dipping.

7. See A Local Hockey Game

While you might not have a professional league near you, look for a minor league that’ll bring the same entertainment — and intensity — as the big ones. Enjoy brews while you try your best to keep your eye on the puck and not squirm when you see blood. Nothing else says winter, after all, than a good fight on the ice.

8. Go On A Hot Toddy Crawl

Some of the best cocktails are made during the holiday season: hot buttered rum, peppermint alexander, hot toddys and so much more. Decide which drink you both agree on and go on a hunt to local bars. You can each rate each place and compare notes at the end.

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