Johnny Depp Kissed Jimmy Kimmel, Should Continue Kissing Streak

Stupid Amber Heard, keeping all of boyfriend's Johnny Depp's smooches to herself. Well, until last night, that is.


Have you ever seen anything so cute? Between Depp's beautiful face and Jimmy Kimmel's adorable flusterment (not sure if that's a word, but it 100 percent captures what happened in this video), I all of a sudden had an urge to dive into a pile of puppies and kittens while singing Disney songs in a onesie. I don't want the man-on-man Depp smooches to stop here — the world would miss out on something truly beautiful. So here are some other guys Depp should randomly plant one on. If there is a God, this list will come true.

Seth Rogen

My hope is that being kissed by Depp would make Rogen laugh, because if I could listen to Rogen laugh forever, I really would. Plus, I bet Rogen would either react adorably, like Kimmel, or just really get into it. I'm not sure which is better.

James Franco

Not only would we get the opportunity to watch two beautiful men kissing, but it's likely that Franco would do something to make Depp deeply, deeply uncomfortable. And I would love it. Because the only thing better than two hot guys pecking each other is two hot guys awkwardly pecking each other.

Jimmy Fallon

One cannot just hand out kisses to one late night Jimmy without giving to the other. That just wouldn't be fair. Besides, I think the combination of Depp giggles and Jimmy Fallon giggles would make my heart implode.

Denzel Washington

This would never happen... but it should. It's the fact that it would never happen that makes me wish it could even more. Because imagine Washington's face after he got macked on by Johnny Depp. It would be life-affirming.


Ok, so I'm not a guy. Details, details. I'll still be waiting, Johnny. You know where to find me.