Jordan Smith Gives His Best 'The Voice' Performance Ever — Can He Just Win Already?

Drop the mic. It's over. Jordan Smith just won The Voice. Well, not really — but he did prove himself worthy of winning The Voice. Jordan Smith took the semi-finals by storm with a Grammy-worthy performance of Queen's "Somebody To Love" — choir backup singers and all. Seriously, this wasn't just the best performance I've seen in the history of the show, it's the best performance I've seen EVER. If Smith doesn't win The Voice, then all hope I have in America's musical future will be lost.

Let's be honest, though, this isn't the first time Smith has proven himself worthy of winning The Voice title. He's been a clear front-runner since his headline-making Blind Audition of Sia's "Chandelier." Since then, the 21-year-old has given chill-inducing performance after chill-inducing performance, proving himself to be one of the best — if not the best — The Voice contestants in the show's history.

Tonight's performance was no different than his usual perfection. Scratch that, yes it was. It was even better than anything he's ever done on this show. Seriously, I cried. By taking on a rock anthem, Smith showed a different side of himself — an even better side. The Kentucky native hit notes I didn't even know existed. Taking on "Somebody to Love" is no easy feat, but Smith completely nailed it. The best part is, he knew just how amazing his performance was in the middle of it. There was one point in the song where he flashed the biggest "watch what I'm about to do" smile then hit the most insane note ever. Everything about his performance was amazing and I'm glad it happened on The Voice stage.

Heading into tomorrow night's big cut before the finale, it's pretty safe to say that Smith has nothing to worry about. His performance was hands down the best of the night AND the best of the season. All he has to worry about now is winning The Voice title. And if tonight's performance was any indication, that will be a pretty easy feat for Smith to achieve.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC