Kourtney Kardashian Finally Launches App

Did the Kardashian family save the best app and website for last? Perhaps! Eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian released her app and website — FINALLY! Her younger sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner duked it out over family app and website dominance earlier this year, with Kim using her site to share tips and tricks regarding her favorite products and to open up about how she dealt with the critics of her first pregnancy style and Kylie offering killer makeup tutorials.

Eventually, it was Jenner's app and site that proved most popular.

But now that Kourtney has entered the app and website sweepstakes, will she assert herself and take the "krown?" It's quite possible. You can peruse Kourtney Kardsahian's site to your heart's content and download her KOURT app for when you are on the go.

Kris Jenner's firstborn states on her landing page that her online presence will be different than that of her many sisters. Ooh! That's incredibly exciting to me. Kardashian will be shaking things up, providing most of her weekly content in one fell swoop so that you can access it and immerse yourself in it whenever you have the time.

That's actually super konsiderate of her, as her content is there for the taking at your leisure.

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The mother of three told Vogue that she views her online properties as "a platform to express myself the way I want to." She is eager to "share my passions and all my little discoveries." Bring it, Kourt!

While this Kardashian sister isn't as on the scene as her little sisters Kim or Khloe, she does have impeccable style. Did you see her cream-colored pantsuit? Or her iPhone case that pays homage to her brood?

A cursory run-through of her site indicates that it will focus on lifestyle — decor, cooking, movies, and books, among other things — whereas her sisters seem to be really honing in on fashion and beauty.

Don't fret, though, if you love her bronzed skin, glossed lips, and super shiny strands! Kardashian will do makeup tutorials, telling Vogue that it was her little sisters who urged her to add that element her platforms. She will offer live-streaming access, as well.

While some of the content is locked for subscribers, she does post a recipe for her take on Rice Krispies Treats that is making me hungry. Nom nom nom.

Yes, there are posts featuring Kardashian's red carpet and street style looks, which are shoppable.

But the single mom's content does feel geared to an older, more sophisto demo. That's why it will stand out.

If you ship this particular Kardashian sister harder than the rest, you may want to invest in a subscription to her app, which offers a keyhole view into her life and her taste. It's just $2.99 per month. For the price of a Starbucks, you get a trove of chic content.

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