Kourtney Kardashian's iPhone Case Is So Adorbs

The Kardashians are masterful marketers. Their social media savvy can and should leave you in awe. But not everything is about branding, branding, branding. Kourtney Kardashian has the cutest iPhone case and it reminds us that the Kardashians also welcome subtle simplicity in many areas of their lives. Really!

The mother of three adorbs youngsters took a selfie while wearing a military green bomber jacket, a look she has worn before, and a leather baseball cap. She was also sticking out her tongue.

On the surface, it was just another stylish, goofy, and ultimately fun selfie shared by Kris Jenner's eldest daughter. But upon a closer inspection, you can see that the back of the reality star's black iPhone case is stamped with the names of her three children in gold lettering!

Yep, there's Mason, Penelope, and Reign, her two sons and daughter with her ex Scott Disick. I would bet the farm that her phone's photo stream is filled with pictures of her trifecta of super cute tots. But it's such a special and sweet touch to have their names so close at hand, too.

Sure, blingy iPhone protectors or those super cool Moschino cases, which resemble cleaning product bottles, are fun accessories to add to an outfit. But Kardashian's iPhone case made a simple statement about what's truly important to her.

There you have it! Her kids are always close at hand...literally.

The happy mom was also getting a head start on holiday bedtime stories, complete with matching flannel jammies! It's way obvious that the eldest Kardashian sister relishes her role as Mama Bear. She could have easily stamped her iPhone case with a sassy message or phrase. But she instead chose to focus on what's most important!

ICYMI: Kardashian offered a sexy-as-hell spin on the hot fall trend of pantsuits with her fitted, cream-colored version. Flawless is pretty much the only world I have for it.

Oh, and if you dig Kardsahian's leather cap, which she wore off to the side, this Sean John hat is a similar option. It's a versatile, street style piece that you can add to any athleisure ensemble. ($28,

Images: Kourtney Kardashinan/Instagram (2); Courtesy Sean John (1)