Melissa Joan Hart Goes Full Clarissa On The '90s

I'm about to make the people in the audience feel as old as I do right now, but, remember that time before the Internet was a thing? When you had to rewind the video tapes before you brought them back to the store, and you had to be home if anyone wanted to call you? It was in this world that '90s kids got shows like Clarissa Explains It All, in which we got all of our advice not from our parents or Siri, but from a blonde girl in her bedroom whose worldly wisdom was generally more useful to us than it was to her. It's been 21 years since Clarissa Explains It All was on the air, and it was still no trouble for Melissa Joan Hart to recreate the Clarissa Explains It All opening — sort of.

Clarissa was every '90s kid's fashion (so much neon, all the neon) and life guru, and, when she gazed into that camera and gave me a deep soliloquy that I could apply to my own youth, I felt less alone for about 30 minutes. I was an only child, you see, so being overdramatic was kinda my thing. In this video, Hart not only explains it all, she also tells us about her favorite '90s things, her favorite heartthrobs and, of course, her Drive Me Crazy beef. Well, "beef," as you'll see below.

The fact that the actress is such a good sport about helping us relive a show that happened 21 years ago just reinforces what a lasting legacy that Clarissa Darling has. Go ahead, let the nostalgia wash over you.

Image: Emily Geraghty/Bustle