Selena Gomez Has Bangs In Sultry 'Hands To Myself' Video Teaser — VIDEO

Someone is bangin'. Pantene spokesmodel and singer Selena Gomez has bangs, at least in the steamy, 15-second, and Beats-branded teaser for her forthcoming "Hands to Myself" music video. Gomez, known for her long, lush, and super shiny raven locks, experiments with a variety of hairstyles while on red carpets and out and about. For this clip, she rocks long, stick straight locks with heavy bangs, which is somewhat similar to the look she actually did on her Flaunt cover a few years back.

In addition to her gorgeous bangs, the multi-hyphenate looks supremely sexy in high-waisted black panties and a bra. Gomez, who brought back a '90s trend with rolled jeans, has been popping up on her ex Justin Bieber's Instagram feed in throwback photos lately, leading to questions about the status of their relationship. Once he sees how thermonuclear Gomez looks in this clip, he will probably further step up his efforts to win her back!

Gomez's bangs are insanely chic but they are also likely temporary. She's probably playing with clip-ins and/or a wig. So don't get used to this look, Selenators. It'll probably be gone by the end of the week.

That said, there's no rules against gawking over how insanely hawt she looks while rocking bangs and sashaying in her undies.

Gomez really knows how to strut her stuff. She is such a presence in this clip, as she waltzes with confidence. She is hardly shy about being filmed in her lingerie and maybe she got an added dose of confidence from those bangs, since they look so freaking amazeballs.

I love how the bangs are extra long, skimming her lashes. The longer bangs let her eyes play peek-a-boo. It's what you don't see that makes this look so sultry.

Here's another screen grab of Gomez prancing around with her hawt bangs!

Gomez should consider cutting bangs on a more permanent and committed level. They are such a good look for her face shape and they really do draw attention to her soulful, expressive, black-as-night eyes. Speaking of her eyes, she has been experimenting with colored contacts, like her hazel eyes at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She doesn't switch up her hair hue often, but she does test a bunch of cuts, textures, and length.

Gomez did a French girl look via her bob-with-bangs on her Flaunt cover. Notice she paired a cami with bangs, since bangs and undies go together so well. She is double proof of that.

The singer doesn't do bangs nearly enough. Maybe her team at Pantene can convince Gomez to take the plunge and make a commitment to fringe.

Images: Selena Gomez/Instagram (4); Flaunt (1)