Selena Gomez's Rolled Jeans Are So '90s — PHOTO

It's the fashion responsibility of the children born in the '90s to bring back the styles of their birth decade with a modern flair, right? Well, 1992-born Selena Gomez wore rolled jeans, which were a decidedly '80s and '90s style convention, acting as the bridge between two differing fashion decades. Rolled jeans are right up there with things like chokers, vests, flannels, and Doc Martens boots.

Gomez shared an Instagram snap of herself raiding a goodie bag from an event, laying on a bed, while relaxing in a white top, tight-rolled but baggy jeans, and what appears to be black socks with gold slides, the latter of which was also a very '90s bro look.

Gomez's red carpet style is usually majorly glam and on point. She rarely, if ever, flubs when getting dressed up. Her street style is pretty enviable, too, even when she attempts trends from several decades ago.

I sincerely hope rolled jeans — be it one pant leg or both, since a single, rolled, and pushed up pant leg was also a trend of yore— don't make any sort of huge comeback and not necessarily because it's a bad look. It's just a pain to pull off, since you have to fold the leg slightly and then roll it up. Gravity usually wins, since the hem often unrolls when you walk. #PantsProblems.

Here's Gomez with her rolled jeans. She was definitely enjoying a dressed down moment and chilling while killing it like always... as her ex Justin Bieber continues to post throwback photos of their relationship, leading to speculation about their current status.

Here's a quick visual on how to do a thick and rolled cuff, Gomez-style! This look works with boyfriend jeans, which are a popular and current fit.

BDG Straight Leg Jeans , $40, Urban Outfitters

Like this BDG pair. These jeans are long and loose and they lend themselves to a maximum roll. Also, the darker rinse looks super modern. A relaxed, baggy, and straight leg is easiest to gather and roll. Obviously, the roll doesn't work with a tapered or a skinny leg because duh!

I definitely recommend rolling brand new jeans, as opposed to a vintage or thrifted pair with a cut that isn't as popular these days.

Gomez makes a case for rolled jeans having a fashion Renaissance, that's for sure.

Images: Urban Outfitters (1); Giphy (1)