35 Gifts For Mom That Will Remind Her Why You're Her Favorite Child

There are plenty of gifts to half ass this holiday season, but mom's shouldn't be one of them. While the challenge to find the perfect gifts for mom can seem insurmountable, I believe it can be done. Of course I have yet to accomplish this myself, but I have faith that this year might be the first one where I don't immediately offer to return my mother's gift upon her opening it.

Moms are skilled at the art of not asking for what they really want for the holidays, and they are equally skilled at loving you no matter how bad of a gift you give them. These two skills combine into the perfect stress I have affectionately dubbed the "WHAT THE HECK DO WE GET MOM FOR CHRISTMAS?!" conundrum.

For starters, avoid a spa gift certificate. Those are nice, sure, but now mom has to go make the appointment herself, which is half the work and probably not relaxing at all. Also avoid any kind of sweater. Sweaters are also nice, but there's no real love being shown when you gift someone a sweater. A sweater is a lame gift. You can quote me on that.

Take a look through these 30 gifts that your mom might love, and happy gifting.

1. Mama Bear T-shirt

This cute tee works for new moms and old ones alike.

Mama bear shirt, $18, etsy.com

2. Home Is Where My Mom Is Mug

Whether your mom is near or far, home is where she is.

Home Mom Mug, $17, etsy.com

3. Complete Spa Gift Box

Bring the spa to mom with this complete gift box.

Spa Gift, $29, etsy.com

4. Love Birds Necklace

This necklace is customizable for however many little birds there may be.

Love bird necklace, $27, etsy.com

5. Row Boat Serving Bowl

For the mom who wants a house by the water, and loves salad.

Row Boat serving bowl, $65, uncommongoods.com

6. Succulent Living Wall Planter

These plants are low maintenance, and add a lot of life wherever you hang them.

Succulent wall planter, $110, uncommongoods.com

7. New Sheets

Mom can always use a fresh set of sheets — and Casper's new line is soft and super breathable, which means an amazing night's sleep is right around the corner for your mom.

Twin $150; Twin XL $160; Full $170; Queen $180; King $200; California King $200, Casper.com

8. Tapestry Notebook

Mom should take her notes in a notebook as beautiful as she is.

Tapestry notebook, $15, riflepaperco.com

9. Bobbi Brown Makeup Set

If mom isn't one to treat herself, she is sure to love this complete make-up set.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Set, $118, sephora.com

10. Smart Battery iPhone Charging Case

Make sure mom is never without charge ever again. The Apple Smart Battery iPhone charging case will help her battery last way longer than usual.

Smart Battery iPhone Charging Case, $99, Apple

11. Parenthood Listography

Moms love to reflect on what it was like to raise a child, which is why this listography is perfect.

Parenthood listography, $16.95, chroniclebooks.com

12. Raised Bloom Pie Pan

These raised bloom kitchen products are stunning. Mom's baking has never looked so nice.

Raised bloom pie pan, $36, anthropologie.com

13. Custom Pet Pillow

For the mom who loves her pets (almost) more than her children.

Custom pet pillow, $58, brit.co

14. Sleep Mask

Because mama needs her beauty rest, and because these luxurious-feeling sleep masks are just too freaking cute not to buy.

Sleep mask, $36, temperowe.com

15. Cartography of Kitchenware Apron

For the mom who loves to cook, finally an apron with a map of the kitchen.

Apron, $30, popchartlab.com

16. Coffee and Tea Calendar

This beautiful calendar highlights a coffee or tea from around the world each month with an original illustration from artist Anna Bond.

Coffee and tea calendar, $18, riflepaperco.com

17. The Transport Tote

You can't go wrong with a classic leather tote.

Tote bag, $168, madewell.com

18. Skullcandy Knockout Headphones

Mom definitely deserves a little peace and quiet, and these pretty headphones from Skullcandy are the most perfect way to help her tune the world out. They're specifically designed with women's ears in mind.

Skullcandy Knockout headphones, $99, skullcandy.com

19. Letters of Note

Shaun Usher collected interesting letters from history and published them into this cool book mom is sure to love.

Letters of Note, $25.17, amazon.com

20. Best Mum Ever Soap

For the mom who often forgets how great she is.

Soap, $18.80, etsy.com

21. Bedside Smartphone Vase

Although it might be rare that mom has her phone on her, at least she will remember to charge it with this bedside vase.

Smartphone Vase, $32, uncommongoods.com

22. Godiva Chocolate

There is never a bad time for chocolate — especially good chocolate. If you're nice to mom, maybe she'll share.

Godiva assorted chocolate, prices vary, Godiva.com

23. Tin Recipe Box

Preserve the family's best recipes with this stunning tin box.

Tin recipe box, $34, riflepaperco.com

24. Shimmer Stripe Apron

This apron is beautiful enough to be a dress.

Shimmer apron, $32, anthropologie.com

25. Clinique Moisturizing Lotion

Moms of all ages would love this classic lotion.

Lotion, $32, sephora.com

26. Mother and Daughter Letter Book Set

Exchange letters with mom thanks to the help of this book. Preserve history, and share the love.

Letter book set, $40, uncommongoods.com

27. Smartphone Photo Printer

Finally mom can print your Instagrams and hang them on the fridge, like the old days.

Smartphone photo printer, $160, sharperimage.com

28. Animal Plate Set

Give this amazing plate set to mom now, so she'll be reminded of how great you are every time she goes to set the table.

Animal plate set, $215, etsy.com

29. Game of Thrones Brooch

For the GoT fanmom we all know and love.

Game of Throne Brooch, $12.34, etsy.com

30. Cotton Bag

Mom can store her favorite makeup products, or just organize her purse with this cotton bag.

Cotton Bag, $40.70, etsy.com

31. Tiny Gold Initial Necklace

An initial for each of the kids, and maybe the dog too.

Tiny gold initial necklace, $25, etsy.com

32. Mom's Coffee Spoon

May no one mistake mom's coffee for theirs ever again.

Mom's coffee spoon, $17, etsy.com

33. Hand Embroidered State Pillows

For the mom who is homesick, this stunning hand embroidered pillow is sure to be loved.

Hand embroidered state pillows, $168, uncommongoods.com

34. Foodie Dice

Mom's cooking is great, but just in case it could use a little more spice, these dice are great.

Foodie dice, $38, etsy.com

35. Gilmore Girls Floor Plan

If you are the Rory to you mom's Lorelai, I present the Gilmore Girls floor plan.

'Gilmore Girls' floor plan, $10, etsy.com

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