These U.S. Cities Have The Most Single Star Wars Fans

Attention, single Star Wars fans, you now have something to look forward to beyond the premiere of The Force Awakens: Finding happiness with another Star Wars fan. That's right, Match took the liberties of searching its databases (while we can only presume, using the Force) to find the cities with the greatest population of Star Wars fans so you can finally find the Han Solo to your Princess Leia. Or the C-3PO to your R2D2. Or any other Star Wars pairing that would suit your next couple cosplay costumes.

Match is great for pairing up potential couples with similar interests, showing you right underneath a person's picture what types of things you have in common. Unfortunately for the Star Wars fan, that list doesn't usually include whether someone is willing to take you to a galaxy far, far away. But, Match is still trying to make it easier for you to find your Jedi soulmate. On top of uncovering which cities feature the most Star Wars obsessed, Match has found similar qualities among Star Wars fans that will help you further connect with a potential partner.

Did you know that Star Wars fans tend to be well educated? Match found that 60 percent of Star Wars fanatics have a BA or higher and also swing more to the left politically than non-fans. As for hobbies, those who use the Force like to channel their energy into Karate more than some of Match's other singles.

So which cities should you be hunting through in your Storm Trooper uniform?

1. Seattle

2. Austin

3. Colorado Springs

4. Salt Lake City

5. Orlando

6. Madison

7. San Jose

8. Omaha

9. Portland

To all of you trying to find your next great love, may the Force be with you. .

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