When Will Snapchat Come Back? The Rainbow Vomit FOMO Is Becoming Too Real

Someday I'll be able to tell my children's children exactly where I was on the day that Snapchat went down, but until that day far in the future, there is a much more pressing matter to address: when is Snapchat coming back? The app went down Tuesday morning, resulting in a global (and, frankly, hilarious) panic among the Millennial and Gen Z generations alike. It's not too hard to understand why. We were all of us once united by our common impulse to Snap everything in sight, but now ... now we are just ourselves again. Unsnapped. Unchatted. Unreal. It's a lot to take in so early in the week.

According to downdetector.com, a website that tracks when your favorite online hot spots go down, Snapchat has been experiencing issues since 5:37 a.m. EST Tuesday. Users are reporting problems with logging in, receiving or sending Snaps. A lot of the confusion seems to be stemming from the app prompting them to connect to better Wi-Fi, when the users already are. Trapped without any other immediate way to express ourselves by adding emojis and ironic subtitles to our faces, humanity is slowly descending into madness, one Snap-less person at a time:

So when exactly it Snapchat coming back? I wouldn't fret too much, fellow Snappers of the world. Snapchat Support has already released a statement addressing the problem:

And if you look at the records on downdetector.com, it looks like during times in the recent past when there have been bugs, the team has been speedy about resolving them within a few hours. I'm guessing the Snapocalypse will last for a few hours into Tuesday evening at most, and then we can get back to sending each other cheese selfies and rainbow vomits the way that God intended.


In the meantime, my friends, we'll all have to remain #SnapchatStrong.

Images: Giphy; Getty Images