What Time Will The Golden Globe Nominations Be Announced? The Early Bird Gets The Worm In This Case

The end of the calendar year brings the start of awards season; can't you smell the double-sided dress tape and acceptance speech anxiety in the air? On Monday, the music industry reacted to the triumphs and snubs of the 2016 Grammy nominations. On Thursday, the next batch of trophy contenders are put in the running when the 2016 Golden Globe Awards nominations are announced. So, who will be attending the Golden Globes this year and vying for an award? The world will find out together later this week. The part of the world that's awake, anyway. After all, the Golden Globes nominations are at a time most of the country chooses to still be sleeping: Thursday, Dec. 10 at 8:15 a.m. ET. That means that the names will be called at 5:15 a.m. PT.

East Coasters: This is why LA-based nominees always talk about being "woken up" by the news. (Lies anyway — you know the frontrunners stay up all night.) You can tune in to NBC's Today show who will cover the major categories. And, if you're your way to work at that time or still asleep, don't worry: The television and film news community on Twitter will be abuzz with the information all day, and some commentators will probably be halfway through a think piece on who was overlooked and why before you know it.

But, if you want the full experience in real time, signing on to the stream at GoldenGlobes.com at 8:15 am or watching on NBC is really the only way to get it. Of course, you can also count on Bustle for up-to-the-minute coverage of announcements that will still be here for you at noon, should the snooze button be too seductive.

You won't be alone in your one-day transformation into a morning person. Since the Globes recognize excellence in two different forms of media, potential nominees and awards junkies from both the television and film worlds will be caffeinated and waiting. The Globes have a history of acknowledging new talent and new series (take the nods for Fargo and Jane The Virgin last year), which leaves the field more open for surprises than say, the Oscars or the Emmys. All of this adds up to one exciting morning for the industry. And, look at it this way: The earlier the nominations, the more time in the day to dissect and celebrate. This is fantasy football for pop culture geeks, and we just hit the playoffs.

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