Adam Scott Could’ve Joined Taylor Swift Onstage During Her ‘1989’ Tour But She Totally Dissed Him — VIDEO

Remember when T. Swift was on tour for her 1989 album and she would bring the most random celebrities onstage with her? Guess what? Parks and Recreations' Adam Scott could've joined Taylor Swift onstage, but she didn't invite him. How. Dare. She. While appearing on Conan Monday night, Scott detailed his experience with his children at one of Swift's concerts. Not only did they get to meet the 25-year-old singer backstage, but he also got to chill with Chris Rock, Matt LeBlanc, and Sean O'Pry (the guy from her "Blank Space" video).

He told late-night host Conan O'Brien,

She was nice enough to have us backstage to say hello beforehand. We were in this little room — she's super classy and sweet — and she comes and talks to the children. Also in the room were Chris Rock and his daughters, Matt LeBlanc and his daughter, and then there was great looking dude [O'Pry] and his buddy.

You might think, "That's great. Who cares if he wasn't invited onstage." Actually, Scott felt the exact same way — for a moment. Rock approached Scott and asked him if he, too, would be joining them onstage. "I was like, 'No.' I'm not in the famous realm to go on stage," Scott said. "And he was like, 'No you gotta go on stage, man.' But I was like 'No, they didn't ask me. Am I going to go ask if I can be on stage? No.'"

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Soon enough, the concert started, which is where the comedian began to get a bit upset about the other "famous" people onstage. He hilariously explained to O'Brien:

Chris Rock comes out and everyone applauds. It makes sense. Yes, I do not belong on a stage with Chris Rock. And then Taylor Swift says, "And ladies and gentleman, Matt LeBlanc!" And I say, "Yes, this makes sense, I am now ready to continue with the concert." Then she says, "And also ladies and gentleman, this guy that was in one of my videos is here!" And the great looking guy from backstage comes out. And I was like, "OK, well now this is kind of bullsh*t."

How did his kids react when they're pretty famous dad (at least in my book) didn't get pulled up onstage by the beloved singer? He joked, "I think my kids were kind of like, 'Uh, daddy, what the f*ck?'"

Obviously, T. Swift made a huge mistake. Has she ever seen Parks and Rec? Clearly, Scott knows how to please an audience, not to mention entertain one as Ben Wyatt. I mean, the proof is in the gifs:

If that isn't enough reason, doesn't Swift know that Ben Wyatt once dated Rachel Green on Friends ? If she's such a huge Friends fans, then Scott would have absolutely been on that stage with her.

At least he had a great time at the show, even though he was denied the privilege of actually being part of the 1989 tour.

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