Jonah Hill's Tragic Meet-Cute is 100% Endearing

Well this is certainly weird and unexpected: Jonah Hill told a story on The Graham Norton Show last night that actually made the actor seem... endearing for once? (I know — I was just as taken aback as you are right now. But I suppose that is the power of Norton and those ever-delightful Brits.) The now twice-Oscar-nominated Hill is apparently a bit of a hopeless romantic, and whether you like him or think he deserves the Oscar or not, anyone who's a human and been on an airplane can relate.

Because, let's face it: airplane-centric meet cutes are the stuff that romantic comedy dreams are made-of, and when one happens to you, flashes of your future life with this fellow air-traveler can sometimes take hold (blame it on the altitude). When Hill was 18, it seems, he had such an occurrence, and it ended for him just about as well as it probably would've ended if it were any of us on that plane, meeting a potential love-of-our-lives — especially when you add the dreaded airplane bathroom into the equation. The whole thing starts out around the one-minute mark for anyone who's disinterested in Martin Scorsese's embarrassment on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street (which: aww, Marty).

I like that Hill made a point to emphasize the fact that he was 18 over 12 years ago. Man, this guy really is the most insecure-but-successful actor on the planet, and I feel like that's really saying something, all things considered. Better luck next time, Jonah. Sorry about your teenaged broken heart.