Carrie Fisher Won The 'Star Wars' Press Conference

by Dino-Ray Ramos

Out of everyone in the all-star cast of The Force Awakens , Carrie Fisher is the winner when it comes to giving the best interviews and saying the funniest things for the Star Wars press tour. I'm not saying that her fellow cast members aren't doing a good job with their talk show appearances (because they are), I'm just saying that Fisher has been slaying all of her press appearances. She's blunt, yet classy; honest, yet respectful; funny, yet clever. No matter what she says, she's the best and all the while, she makes us want to watch The Force Awakens even more. In the weeks leading up to the big release date of December 18, she has made numerous appearances, but all came to a head when Carrie Fisher said some funny things during The Force Awakens press conference.

The world is excited to see Fisher reprise her role as the iconic Leia from the original Star Wars trilogy, but she no longer goes by Princess Leia. She is now known as General Leia. Either way, fans are welcoming her with open arms and waiting to see what is in store for the beloved character. More than that, the world is waiting to see what she will say in her next on-camera interview. Ever since her hilarious interview on Good Morning America with her dog Gary, Fisher has become the best part of the Star Wars press tour. Check out the interview below:

During the press conference Fisher was joined on the stage by her Force Awakens screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, director J.J. Abrams as well as co-stars, Lupita Nyong'o, Adam Driver, and Daisy Ridley. Moderator Mindy Kaling did a great job in getting some fun answers from the panel, but it was Fisher who stole the show with her hilarious stories and funny quotes. Here are some of the jokes Fisher cracked during the press conference. She definitely kept things very lively and entertaining.

On Leia's Sense Of Humor...

Because Fisher has a great sense of humor, Kaling asked if she thought Princess Leia had a good sense of humor to which she answered, "She would have to... wearing all those hairpieces."

On "Girl Power" In The Star Wars Universe...

Fisher was one of the first strong, independent female heroes portrayed in movies. Many females idolized her. When asked about how she felt about "girl power" in the Star Wars universe she answered, "I am the beginning with 'girl power' — deal with it."

On Daisy Ridley's Character, Rey...

When asked about the new female lead, Rey, played by newcomer Daisy Ridley, Fisher said that Rey has more power than Leia. “She takes on the physical power and then I scream at them until they pass out,” said Fisher.

On Leia's New Wardrobe...

During the course of the Star Wars movies, the characters have gone from very minimal and simple costumes (Episodes 4-6) to very opulent and ornate ones (Episodes 1-3). With The Force Awakens, there seems to be a happy medium. Fisher said about her costume that it's like a "classy gas station attendant look." Hey, at least it's classy.

On Gary Being In A Star Wars Movie...

Fisher's dog, Gary, became an instant sensation when he appeared on Good Morning America with his tongue sticking out and his adorable presence. When asked if Gary would appear as an alien in one of the Star Wars movies, Fisher said, "I begged J.J.! Gary was willing to sleep with J.J. to be in this movie... and I mean nap." Unfortunately, he didn't make the cut... but perhaps Gary will make a cameo in Episode 8. On behalf of the world, I'd like to thank Carrie Fisher for making the press tour for The Force Awakens more entertaining than it already is.

Images: Good Morning America/ABC; Giphy (5)